Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Comics Day!-5/2/2012

Well, today is new comic book day. And here I am sitting at school! In a matter of hours, I will be going to the comic book store to grab five new comics (with two coming this weekend in the mail. So. Today I will be getting:
Earth-2 #1-James Robinson & Nicola Scott (Preview & My Hopes found: HERE)
Worlds' Finest #1-Paul Levitz, George Perez, & Kevin Maguire (I couldn't download the preview. Sorry!)
Teen Titans Annual #1-Scott Lobdell, Tom DeFalco, & Brett Booth (Preview found: HERE!)
Smallville Season 11 #1-Bryan Q. Miller & Pere Perez (Couldn't find a preview anywhere! So I'm hoping to be very pleasantly surprised)
Andddddddddddd Avengers vs. X-Men-Honestly I don't know who is doing the creative duties for this issue. There are like 50 writers and 5 artists working on this series so yeah. But I'll be getting it!

So I'll see all of you over the next few days (before Friday afterschool) with reviews of each comic. Probably starting with AvX, then TTA, then SS11, then E-2, and finishing with WF. Not because I want to build the anticipation or anything. I'm actually looking forward to SS11 and E-2 the most, but I assume that WF #1 takes place AFTER E-2 #1. Maybe I'll read SS11 last. Well I'll figure it out. See you all later!

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