Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Quick Reviews

Alright well here we have  a bunch of reviews from the past two months or so. The rest of the Culling crossover, a few Night of the Owls issues, and two other issues. Since they're all scattered around as for when they were released, I'm just gonna do some quick reviews. A sentence or two then a rating.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #8-Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham, & BATT
I wonder why I stopped buying this series... I wish I hadn't. This issue is a perfect reason why I should have kept reading it. 9.5/10

Superboy #9-Scott Lobdell, Tom DeFalco, R.B. Silva, Rob Lean, & Iban Coello
Part 2 of the Culling crossover...Not a huge fan of this issue, to be completely honest. It was about average at best. 6.5/10

Legion Lost #9-Tom DeFalco, Pete Woods, & Brad Anderson
Part 3 of the Culling...Same as last issue, about average. For some reason Skitter still hasn't shown up again. Weird. 7/10

Teen Titans #9-Scott Lobdell, Ig Guara, & JP Mayer
Part 4 of the Culling...Now this was a good issue. I really liked it. 9/10

Detective Comics #9-Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea
Why did I bother picking up this issue? I can't stand Tony Daniel's story or art. Barely got through the issue. 4/10

Batman: The Dark Knight #9-Judd Winick, David Finch, & Richard Friend
Now this issue I surprisingly enjoyed. Granted I wish that Tim Drake had been in this issue...it's a really good story told from a Talon's point-of-view. Really good issue. Totally recommend. 9.5/10

Worlds' Finest #2-Paul Levitz, George Perez, Kevin Maguire, & Scott Koblish
This issues honestly didn't live up to how good the first issue did. I liked it, but it wasn't as good at the last one. It was honestly about average. 7.5/10

And there we have it! A group of quickies outta the way. Thanks for reading!