Thursday, September 13, 2012

New "Justice League" Roster and Creative Team Starting in December; Crossover with "Aquaman"

Cover to Justice League #15 by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

It was just announced yesterday that starting with December's #15, DC's premiere series would be getting a new ongoing artist. That artist happens to be one of my personal favorites: Ivan Reis. For the past year, Ivan Reis has been doing beautiful work on one of Geoff Johns' (who will be continuing on the series, by the way) two other series Aquaman. Which, by the way, is getting a crossover with Justice League starting (and maybe finishing?) in the #15 issues of the two series. Reis' work on the League has been seen various times over the past year including a few pages of #8 and the end of #12, and before the New 52, we saw his DCUniverse work with series like Blackest Night and Brightest Day. Personally, I have always loved Reis' work, especially since he was the artist of the first comic I ever bought myself (Blackest Night #1). I have always wanted Reis on a JL book and so this is a dream come true.

As for the cover, the issue shows Shazam on the cover along with the rest of the team so I'm wondering if that means that he joins the League at the same time as all this "Atlantis" stuff is going on? Or is it just like how in #1 of JL we didn't see Diana, Arthur, and Barry despite their appreance on the cover? Either way, I love the cover. It's bold. It's simple. And it kind of teases the way the series seems to be headed.

Now, to the crossover. I'm not sure who the new Aquaman artist will be (I can't recognize it from the cover?) but I'm sure as hell gonna be buying at least Justice League at that point and since Justice League is crossing over with Aquaman, I figure "Why the hell not?" ya'know? It'll only make sense if I buy both, so I might as well. Apparently the crossover is going to be Ocean Master attacking the surface world? Or taking over Atlantis and Arthur doesn't like that or something? Who knows! Well, I suppose Geoff Johns would. Either way! Looks interesting enough!

Check in for more information on "Justice League", "Aquaman", Ivan Reis, and this crossover!