Thursday, June 7, 2012

Earth-2 #2 Review! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Cover to Earth-2 #2 by Ivan Reis I already read this issue and I can't pick my jaw up off the floor from that cliffhanger. Let me just say this even before we get into things: GO BUY THIS ISSUE RIGHT NOW. ITS WORTH THE $2.99. Even if you didn't get the first issue of the series for whatever reason, go buy this issue right now. Like shut down your computer and buy it this very moment. 1,000% worth it. Believe me. But anyway... I must warn you that I am so hyped up about this issue that there will be a fair amount of spoilers coming, so don't read this if you are planning on buying this issue in the foreseeable future. So...yeah. Below this line, the spoilers begin!


  • Michael Holt, aka Mister Terrific, appears on a street in NYC and realizes he isn't in Kansas anymore. Kansas being Earth-1, of course
  • Some guy named Terry Sloan (who, it turns out, was the original Mr. Terrific in the old continuity at least...) addresses him as "Mr. Holt" even though he's in his Mr. Terrific get-up and just arrived there
  • Mr. Sloan says he's going to have to take down Mr. Terrific for things that he is going to do
  • Michael goes on the offensive and attacks but Sloan turns the attack right around on him, knocking Michael out(!!!)
  • Mercury and Jay Garrick are talking about how Mercury is the last of the Gods and that he is dying
  • Merc warns Jay that a new threat is coming, but Jay tells him all the heroes of Earth are dead (as seen in #1)
  • Jay insists that if they get Merc to a hospital soon, they can save him from death, but Merc decides to shoot him with some lightning(!!), turning him into the Flash
  • The World Army shows up
  • Flash runs
  • We see Alan Scott, still over in China, with his boyfriend Sam
  • Back in New York, Jay is walking around secretively, as Merc had told him to not trust anyone
  • Jay starts running around and he comes across a couple getting attacked by some crazy rats and saves them
  • He runs off right after and begins using his powers to a higher extent, but then he stops in Poland
  • Hawkgirl appears
  • Back to Alan and Sam, they're on a train going to some cabin in the woods
  • Alan proposes that Sam come and live in the U.S. with him (since he apparently lives in China) and that they get married
  • The train blows up with a green glow inside the explosion
I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this series. I re-read the first issue right before I started reading this one and I enjoyed it just as much as I did last month and this issue was just as much up to those standards. At first, Jay's design seemed kind of forced but as the issue progressed, Nicola Scott's Jay Garrick became a lot more fluid and interesting, but at the same time it might just be because I've never seen the suit in action before. My only real problem with this issue is that they have seemingly "fridged" Sam so early into the series. I can't believe that. Maybe the green glow was Alan lighting up and protecting himself and his boyfriend. I'm really glad that Mister Terrific is going to be in this series, and not in his own. While his old series wasn't good, he can potentially make new fans and have his old fans come over to Earth-2. Overall, I give this issue a 10/10, just like last month.