Monday, May 21, 2012

What Might Replace "Justice League International" In September?

Last week when DC announced their August solicitations, Justice League International #12 was marked as “FINAL ISSUE.” Now this series is nowhere near the bottom of the sales charts, so the question must be asked: “Why is it being cancelled? And what will replace it?" Well speculation has risen for many different options.

“Justice League Elite” or “Extreme Justice”
The U.N. brought the original team together, but after the team’s failure on the U.N.’s front yard they officially disbanded the team. Since the second story arc takes place immediately after the first, it would be hard to change their team’s name so quickly, but would it be such an outrageous assumption that the team might be changing their name to disconnect themselves from the U.N. for the 13th issue and third story arc of the series? It sure seems to be okay for the Thunderbolts changing to the Dark Avengers over at Marvel.

The entire main Justice League team has at least one solo series right now…except for Cyborg. He has been moved up to one of the World’s Greatest Heroes Sure, that was usually the case when Martian Manhunter was a leaguer, but does that mean that Cyborg shouldn’t have his own series? The thought is something I wouldn’t put past Didio, Lee, or Johns, even if it is a stupid one. 

"Booster Gold"
If DC won't give us a new series starring multiple characters from the JLI, then I'm sure most fans would be perfectly fine with Booster getting his own solo series. He's done it in the past, and I'm sure he could pull it off again. And not only that, but Dan Jurgens is out of a writing job and Aaron Lopresti is out of a penciling job...and I would really love to see a Booster solo series from those two. 

"Brave and the Bold"
DC's other anthology title, DC Universe Presents, isn't a huge smashing success like it could have been. But what did DC expect? Poor advertising, lack of big-name talent, and so on and so forth. What with people knowing about the Batman: The Brave and the Bold tv show, it would probably be an easier way to success. The first story arc could even be about the JLI, for us fans. 

And I'm sure there are many more options. But I'm just not creative enough to think of them at the moment. Those are the most obvious ones that I can think of. Thoughts? Sound off below.