Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blue Beetle #11 Review!

Cover to Blue Beetle #11 by Paul Renaud
Blue Beetle #11
Written by: Tony Bedard
Art by: Ig Guara & J.P. Mayer
Issue title: "All That Glitters"

So normally I don't buy this series, obviously, but I can't resist buying an issue with Booster in it. So without further wait, I present my review of Blue Beetle #11.

  • The issue opens with a newscaster lady named Connie Burnett is interviewing a guy who is anti-superheroes named Thaddeus Miller and Booster Gold who is promoting supers, obviously
  • Blue Beetle becomes the main focus of the conversation
  • Booster announces that he wants to meet with Beetle and help him get his super-hero career together
  • Meanwhile, Jaime is walking down the street in NYC and is talking to the Beetle scarab thingy and decides he wants to meet with Booster and has the scarab set up a meeting
  • Later, when Beetle and Booster are set to meet, Booster seems kinda pissed since Jaime arrived late
  • Booster begins fighting Beetle and explains why he did so, which is the fact that Booster knows his 25th Century History and mentions an invasion from the Reach Empire (which is where the scarab came from) to Earth and he wants to wipe Beetle out before the Reach gets worse
  • Eventually Booster takes down Beetle, but Jaime's grandma (????) steps in between and stops Booster from killing Jaime
  • (This will be continued in the Justice League International Annual next month apparently)
I really enjoyed this issue. Not enough that I'd spend another $2.99 monthly, which is a shame because if I had the money I would buy it. I really need a job... Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and I now can't wait to see what this annual is all about. I kind of hope to see the Blue & Gold become best buds again, and hopefully since JLI is getting cancelled we can see more of Booster here in Blue Beetle, but in the meantime, it was a good impulse buy. Good writing, good art, solid cliffhanger for the ongoing series. 8/10
I have to say, Beetle did put up a good fight against Booster there for a while.