Saturday, June 25, 2011

Upcoming Ongoings: Justice League

Justice League is getting "back to the basics" pulling Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman back into the line-up for the first time in several years.

Now, they haven't exactly SAID which Flash it's going to be, I'm going to have to assume it's Barry Allen. Which means that Wally is STILL nowhere to be found. They've already said that it isn't Wally in the Titans. It's still Bart, which I really don't mind. But apparently (though I never heard this before), Geoff Johns claimed that they would be having a Speed Force ongoing series soon. Which, assuming Barry stays in The Flash, would hopefully star Wally. Yeah, well if they would be announcing it anytime soon, it would probably be later this year. Hopefully it will be an addition next year (or later this year) like the Batman, Inc. series will be next year.

Over the past year (probably even longer), the line-up for the JLA has consisted of a bunch of C-List characters (excluding Dick Grayson, who I would consider B-List). And that would be a compliment. If anything, it's a bunch of characters that DC couldn't fit in anywhere else, but a few random fans might have wanted to see again and so they threw it on a series that should be one of DC's best selling like it was when Meltzer started the series off and when McDuffie first started.

Now, don't think that I haven't given the current line-up a chance; I have! I read the story arc before this current one which was called "Omega." Not only did I read the entire story arc, but I ALSO bought the Starman/Congorilla One-Shot tie-in issue back in January.

Last summer, the JLA/JSA crossover happened again and it included Jesse Quick joining the team. So here is the current membership for the JLA:
1. Batman (Dick Grayson)
2. Donna Troy
3. Jesse Quick (though she's losing her speed powers, so...yeah)
4. Jade
5. Congorilla
6. Starman (not any Starman that people have known for years, some random one that Robinson created in Cry For Justice)
7. Supergirl

For some damn reason, DC and James Robinson thought THIS could be the JLA. Sure, it limits the amount of power on the team so it makes for a more strategic story (which, in my opinion, is great). But,'s about time the REAL JLA comes back.

Which brings me to September; the return of the Big Seven to the JLA, minus Martian Manhunter.

Meaning that the return of six main members to the line-up:
1. Superman
2. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
3. Wonder Woman
4. Flash (Not sure, yet, assuming Barry Allen)
5. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
6. Aquaman (Arthur Curry)

Plus, the addition of Cyborg to the line-up. I thought I heard somewhere (though I may be wrong) that this would be a 16-member line-up. If that's true, I'm just trying to think of who would be the other eight members.

Despite all of the questions about the relaunch that are still out there, a lot of the writers/artists that are on series have agreed to interviews from Newsarama, ComicBookResources, or iFanboy. So there is one way to learn more about the stories.

I am rather excited for September.

Check out Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee. But we'll see how long that creative team stands. I have a bet for $20 that it will be a year at most. How long do you think?

UPDATE: Apparently this was "accidentally" leaked onto the internet earlier this week/this past weekend. I think it was actually DC's cheap way of throwing it out there without making a whole big announcement. But ANYWAY, that little poster-teaser-thingy up there shows the main line-up for the League, plus eight more characters on either side. Honestly, it's a beautiful piece of artwork. But that's beside the point.

This poster reveals that the line-up will include:
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash, Cyborg, Deadman (isn't he in Justice League Dark, already?), the Atom (is that Ryan Choi?), Element Woman (created in Flashpoint), Firestorm (looks like Ronnie), Green Arrow (pretty sure that's Ollie), Hawkman, some random white-haired chick (has been said by Johns that it isn't Power Girl or Black Canary, so keep guessing), and Mera (really? One Aqua-person is enough, thank you).

I actually think most of these people aren't that surprising (Firestorm, Hawkman, Green Arrow, the Atom), but there are some characters that I think "What the fuck were you thinking, Chairman?" (Element Woman, Deadman, Mera). Sound off below!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's Finish This Sh*t With Superman

A few mere hours ago, DC released the solicitations for the relaunch's Super-family series'. Many of the well-known Super-family won't have their own series; Power Girl, Krypto, Lois Lane, etc. But the main three will; Clark, Kara, and Conner will all be receiving their own ongoing series' this September, along with 58 other series.

Today, DC announced four series;

Action Comics #1-written by Grant Morrison & pencils by Rags Morales

Currently, this is probably the most interesting series that I have seen so far. Now, I haven't read All-Star Superman (written by Morrison), yet. But from everything that I've heard (plus having watched the animated movie), I have a feeling Morrison will be bringing something great to DC's head-character.
Here's the official description:

"A new era of DC Comics begins as the longest-running monthly comic of all time releases its first issue #1 since 1938.

This September, New York Times bestselling writer Grant Morrison (ALL-STAR SUPERMAN) joins with sensational artist Rags Morales to bring you tales of The Man of Tomorrow unlike any you’ve ever read before in ACTION COMICS #1. This momentous first issue will set in motion the history of the DC Universe as Superman defends a world that doesn’t trust their first Super Hero.

The first Action Comics #1 is now the most sought-after comic book of all time. This September, one of comics’ most imaginative storytellers will make history again in Grant Morrison and Rags Morales’ ACTION COMICS #1."

Doesn't trust Superman? Oh my god, I love it already. Thank you, DC. Might wanna record that, it's the only time I'm going to say it.

Superman-written & penciled by George Perez

I don't love it as much, BUT I do love George Perez, so I might end up reading it. Writer & artist of the Wonder Woman series when it first started, writer & artist of the New Teen Titans series when it first introduced characters like Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, and artist of the first-Crisis? Well, he's done many amazing stories, but how will he do on this series?
Here's the official description:

"What is Superman’s startling new status quo? How does it affect his friends, loved ones and his job at The Daily Planet? Find out in SUPERMAN #1, written by legendary comics creator George Perez (CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, NEW TEEN TITANS and WONDER WOMAN) and illustrated by Jesus Merino."

Supergirl-written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson with pencils by Mahmud Asrar

Supergirl was never a character I enjoyed on here own. The writers of Smallville are the ones doing the writing (I loved Smallville), so I might check out an issue or two. I'm not very interested, though. No investments will go to this series from me.
Here's the official description:

"Supergirl’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman and none of his affection for the people of Earth. Writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson (Smallville, SUPERMAN/BATMAN) will team up with artist Mahmud Asrar to give a new take on the teenager from Krypton in SUPERGIRL #1."-Doesn't SOUND to good, does it?

Superboy-written by Scott Lobdell with pencils by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean

Personally, I really like Conner the way he is right now; a clone. Half-Luthor/Half-Kent. Now, sure, they've almost completely overdone that by this point, but isn't it so much better than what it looks like he is in the cover? A fucking cyborg? -sigh- I like Conner's red-S-shield-w/-black-background-t-shirt-and jeans-thing, too. I wish he wouldn't have to change in the relaunch, but there are worse things about it. (The current Batgirl seemingly disappearing, Power Girl not having her own series, that also goes double for Booster Gold, Mister Terrific getting his own series, etc.)
Here is the official description:

"They thought he was just a failed experiment, grown from a combination of Kryptonian and human DNA. But when the scope of his stunning powers was revealed, he became a deadly weapon. SUPERBOY #1 will be written by Scott Lobdell with art by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean."

Well this means that (among others) Booster Gold, Power Girl, Stephanie Brown, and the Secret Six all aren't coming back to their own series (or possibly the DCU as a whole--excluding Booster who is in the JLI series). I kind of figured that this would happen some time soon. It's really a shame that the invested fans (like myself) aren't getting some personal pleasure from these announcements from series that we love (or were hoping to begin loving later this year).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Official!--DC & WIldStorm Merger

Earlier today (6/9/2011), DC Comics announced two series that confirm the rumors of a possible DC Universe/WildStorm Universe-merger;

1.Stormwatch #1-by Paul Cornell (writer of Lex Luthor's run on Action Comics) and Miguel Sepulveda-Cover seen above.
This series seems to be where Martian Manhunter will be hanging out for now, which is rather surprising, but whatever. DC DID say that it would be "a surprising new roster", so I guess that's fine.

2.Grifter #1-by Nathan Edmondson, CAFU, and BIT-Cover seen below. Well Grifter is a character that I never was able to read anything about, but was really interested in; I'll probably be checking this out.
The rumors began swirling around back at the end of 2010 when WildStorm ended it's own publishing as a DC Sub-Company, that there would be a DC Universe/WildStorm Universe-merger. Rumors became much louder after Geoff Johns said (after being asked whether he would want to work on anything from WildStorm), that he has big plans for the sub-company's characters in the near-future.

Other series that were announced today and over the past few days are the following:

Suicide Squad-by Adam Glass and Marco Rudy

OMAC-by Dan Didio, Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish

All-Star Western-by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Moritat

Deathstroke-by Kyle Higgins, Joe Bennett, and Art Thibert

Sgt. Rock and the Men of War-by Ivan Brandon and Tom Derenick

Blackhawks-by Mike Costa and Ken Lashley

Legion Lost-by Fabian Nicieza and Pete Woods

Legion of Super-Heroes-by Paul Levitz and Francis Portela

Teen Titans-by Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, and Norm Rapmund-the known characters for this series are Tim Drake as Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Bart Allen as Kid Flash, and Superboy--the other two are completely new to me

Static Shock-by John Rozum Scott McDaniel, and Jonathan Glapion-Looks like that series IS going to happen, after all.

Hawk & Dove-by Sterling Gates and Rob Liefeld-You have got to be kidding me, Hawk & Dove over Booster Gold or Power Girl? Fuck you, DC.

and, last but not least,Blue Beetle-by Tony Bedard, Ig Guara and Ruy Jose

Alright well I have officially said each series and it's creative team at least once on this blog over the course of the past two weeks. And has anyone else noticed that ever since the relaunch was announced, no one has even been paying attention to Flashpoint? Hmm... Just a thought. Also, with no Super-family solicitations released, we have to assume the last four series that are being announced tomorrow will be about the Big Boy Scout & Family. Bleeding Cool has released a few possibilities, including Superman written and drawn by George Perez, Supergirl written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson, Superboy written by Scott Lobdell (writer of the new Teen Titans series, also), and Action Comics written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Rags Morales.

Well right now, my sister is being annoying as fuck, so I'm gonna wrap this up here. Thanks for reading, guys!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We're Halfway Through

Well now that DC has officially announced over half of their new ongoing series of the new 52, it's time I list all of them and their respective creative teams;

Justice League-Geoff Johns & Jim Lee
Aquaman-Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis
Wonder Woman-Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang
The Flash-Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
The Fury of Firestorm-Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone, and Yildiray Cindar
The Savage Hawkman-Tony Bedard & Philip Tan
Green Arrow-JT Krul & Dan Jurgens
Justice League International-Dan Jurgens & Aaron Lopresti
Mister Terrific-Eric Wallace & Roger Robinson
Captain Atom-JT Krul & Freddie Williams II
DC Universe Presents-Various
Green Lantern-Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke
Green Lantern Corps-Peter J. Tomasi & Fernando Pasarin
Green Lantern: The New Guardians-Tony Bedard & Tyler Kirkham-No, this isn't about those stupid New Guardians from that one crossover event--it's about 1 member of each of the Lantern Corps
Red Lanterns-Peter Milligan & Ed Benes
Batman-Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
Detective Comics-Tony Daniel
Birds of Prey-Duan Swierczynski & Jesus Saiz
Catwoman-Judd Winick & Gullem March
Batgirl-Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf, & Vincente Cifuentes
Batwoman-J.H. Williams III, Haden Blackman, & Amy Reeder
Nightwing-Kyle Higgins & Eddy Barrows
Red Hood & the Outlaws-Scott Lobdell & Kenneth Rocafort-So glad Roy & Jason have a good-concept series.
Batwing-Judd Winick & Ben Oliver--Well this means Judd probably isn't going to be on a series like Power Girl, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, or the like.
Swamp Thing-Scott Snyder & Yannich Paquette--Hopefully this means he isn't the "Champion" since Brightest Day seems to have been void.
Justice League Dark-Peter Milligan & Mikel Janin
Animal Man-Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, & Dan Green
Demon Knights-Paul Cornell, Diogenes Neves, & Oclair Albert
Frakenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.-Jeff Lemire & Alberto Pnticelli-Sounds oddly like "Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", am I right?
Resurrection Man-Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning-REALLY!?!?!?!? UGHHH!!!
I, Vampire-Josh Fialkou & Andrea Sorrentino
Voodoo-Ron Marz & Sami Basari
Batman & Robin-Peter J. Tomasi & Pat Gleason
Batman: The Dark Knight-David Finch-With all the delays?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ten New Series Officially Announced, Predictions Proved Wrong

Let me say something before I get started with my post: I went on Geoff Johns' Twitter account yesterday, for some odd reason, and found this link: You CANNOT tell me you don't love this song. Just watch it. Believe me, it is worth the 3 1/2 minutes. Oh and actually watch the video. Completely worth it.

"It’s true. Ethan and I are co-plotting, and I am scripting, a new FURY OF FIRESTORM book that is honest to god one of the best things either of us has ever done. The art is by Yildiray Cinar, who is SLAYING IT. Lots of books are electric. This thing is NUCLEAR. It’s a MONSTER. I am dying for you guys to see it!

[responding to a question about who Firestorm is going to be at that point] I can’t say who. But…damn, guys. I know you get inundated by hype all the time. The book is the real deal. Remember when Green Lantern just exploded? Now it’s Firestorm’s turn. I am SO EXCITED," is what Gail Simone, script-writer of the upcoming Fury of Firestorm ongoing series said today on her Facebook after The Source announced the series, along with ten others.

It became official today that ten new series (out of 52) have been announced by DC. Those series are the following: Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, The Fury of Firestorm, The Savage Hawkman, Green Arrow, Justice League International, Mister Terrific (yes, the Mister Terrific from the JSA), Captain Atom, and DC Universe Presents would all be joining the new Justice League series in the company-wide relaunch in September.

As for my fears that the JLI series would get fucked up, I'm half-concerned and half-excited for this series now.
Let me say this first: Booster Gold looks fucking badass. Plus the rest of the JLI line-up looks freaking awesome, too. (Loving that Guy is back on the team. that Vixen? Wow this is gonna be interesting!!!) I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm very excited to see if they have a Booster Gold series again because I would be the first person waiting at the store to pick it up every week if at all possible. BUT... That leads me to my "half-concerned" part; Dan Jurgens is going to be the writer of the series... Jurgens, being the current writer/artist of Booster's own series, has been doing a very good job to many people (like JT and myself).
Here is DC's official announcement:
"A team of internationally-drafted superheroes fight each other and their bureaucratic supervisors as much as they do global crime in JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 from writer Dan Jurgens and artist Aaron Lopresti. The cover to issue #1 is by Aaron Lopresti."

The other series also raise a concern for me, too. Like The Fury of Firestorm series. I think it's kind of...odd that Ethan Van Sciver would do a Firestorm series. But not only is it odd that he would do one either way, but it's the fact that he is...WRITING IT!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!
It gets even worse, people. Ronnie and Jason? The Firestorm from Brightest Day? The series all of us bloggers...ah-hem...Let's just say "disliked" so we can move on with things. Well it turns out we payed $2.99 (with the one-issue exception of $4.99 for #24) for an entire year for absolutely nothing, because it is revealed that Ronnie and Jason have no fucking clue who the other is besides through the whole Firestorm thing. Just look at the cover. (Left)

Well I am certainly glad we have SOME writing talent on this series, at least; Gail Simone will be doing the scripts. Thankfully. Here is the official description by DC:
"Welcome to a major new vision of the Nuclear Man as writers Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone team up with artist Yildiray Cinar to deliver THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #1. Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond are two high school students, worlds apart – and now they’re drawn into a conspiracy of super science that bonds them forever in a way they can’t explain or control. The cover to issue #1 is by Ethan Van Sciver."

Next series: Savage Hawkman. Probably my LEAST favorite announcement of them all, today. It seems like things can't get any worse for poor Carter Hall.
The only plus sides of anything that has happened to Carter recently is that he is done in Brightest Day, and Tony Bedard is writing this series. He loses Shiera in an event that really has no future hold on the DC Universe. (Or at I hope.) Then he loses everything and becomes a...well just read the official description from DC:
"Batman writer Tony Daniel will team up with artist Philip Tan (GREEN LANTERN: AGENT ORANGE, THE OUTSIDERS) for THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN #1. Carter Hall’s skill at deciphering lost languages has led him to a job with an archeologist who specializes in alien ruins – but will the doctor’s latest discovery spread an alien plague through New York City? No matter the personal cost, Carter Hall must don his cowl and wings and become the new, savage Hawkman to survive. The cover to issue #1 is by Philip Tan."
Hopefully Carter's luck turns for the better...maybe it'll be a sign that DC is coming to their senses.

Next series: Aquaman.
Arthur Curry gets his first ongoing series to himself ever since he was killed in Sword of Atlantis a few years back.
Well with everything reverting to how it was a while ago, does this mean that the new Aqualad won't exist? If it does, please tell me that means that Garth will be back. I really like him. Anyway, I wouldn't mind if Jackson stuck around for a while. Plus, I'd like to see what Arthur does to meld back into the land of the living. Johns and Reis on a series together again? I'm down for that. But with everything that happened to Firestorm and Hawkman...will it actually be "bursting out of Brightest Day" like they said from the start? Maybe. Maybe not. We'll have to wait and see. Read the official post from DC:
"Geoff Johns, one of comics’ greatest storytellers, reunites with GREEN LANTERN and BRIGHTEST DAY collaborator Ivan Reis to bring you a thrilling new take on the fan-favorite hero of the sea in AQUAMAN #1. The cover to issue #1 is by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado."

Next up: Wonder Woman.
I'm being hopeful. DC has decided to keep Diana's suit the way it was during JMS's bullshit over the past year. I sincerely hope that means that DC won't fuck her up again. I mean look at what has happened to Diana. She gets what was supposed to be a great story by someone who typically did great stories, JMS. Her outfit got revamped (to one that isn't too terribly bad), but her story sucked major ass. I don't think a single person enjoyed JMS's Wonder Woman OR Superman runs. It was so bad that JMS ran out on them halfway through and hasn't been heard from since. Diana is keeping the new outfit--albeit with a few tiny changes--but is hopefully going back to her original origin story. Please, DC. Don't fuck Wonder Woman up any more than needed. My 10-year-old sister is about to get into comics and she loves Diana. Don't ruin comics for her by having a crappy Wonder Woman.
Have a look at the official announcement from DC:
"New York Times bestselling writer Brian Azzarello, author of The Joker and 100 Bullets, teams up with the immensely talented artist Cliff Chiang (Neil Young’s Greendale) for WONDER WOMAN #1, an exciting new series starring the DC Universe’s greatest superheroine. The cover to issue #1 is by Cliff Chiang."

Next up: Green Arrow.
Alright I have one main thing to say about Green Arrow lately: I'm tired of all this "anti-hero" bullshit. Keep that for characters like Jason Todd. Ollie was a good character without all of that. It looks like he is going to go back to being the millionaire playboy from the Silver Age comics. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's better than being stuck in a forest with a lunatic "named" Galahad, talking to a tree all day. So here's to hoping Ollie is better off as a millionaire playboy. Though I do wish Brett Booth would go on an odd series like this.
Check out the official announcement from DC:
"Oliver Queen is an orphan who grew up to fight crime as the Green Arrow, a billionaire playboy who uses his fortune to become a superhero – able to fight the most powerful super-villains in the universe with nothing but a bow and arrow. JT Krul will write GREEN ARROW #1 with art by superstar artist Dan Jurgens. The cover to issue #1 is by Brett Booth."

Next up: -sigh- Mister Terrific.
That's right, boys and girls. One of the lamest African-American characters ever to be created, Mr. Terrific, is getting his own ongoing series. Why couldn't someone like...I don't know, Black Lightning get his own series? What about John Stewart? Vixen? SOMEONE!? The cover honestly makes him look like he is Cyborg mixed with Mr. Terrific with some lipstick on. The only badass thing about him is that he has the "Fairplay" thing tattooed on his arm instead of on a jacket. His theme is now silver instead of black & red.
Read the official announcement from DC:
"The world’s third-smartest man – and one of its most eligible bachelors – uses his brains and fists against science gone mad in MISTER TERRIFIC #1, the new series from writer Eric Wallace and artist Roger Robinson. The cover to issue #1 is by J.G. Jones."

Next series: The Flash.
Well I'm glad they aren't completely ending Flash as an ongoing series. It's good that he'll have his own series, and I certainly don't mind Johns not being a part of it. Hopefully this won't be too big of a request, but don't have Wally & Bart be erased from DC. Please. Or at least don't shove them into the background. They deserve front-and-center roles. Please give them it in this series or another. I've always wanted DC to make a series called like "Speed Force" or "Speedsters" or something that has a rotating cast of Wally, Bart, Barry, Jay, and any other speedster with their own story arc. No such luck.
Read the statement DC said:
"Rising superstar Francis Manapul, fresh off his acclaimed run on THE FLASH with Geoff Johns, makes his comics writing debut in THE FLASH #1, sharing both scripting and art duties with Brian Buccellato. The Flash knows he can’t be everywhere at once, but what happens when he faces an all-new villain who can? The cover to issue #1 is by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato."

Next up: Captain Atom.
He's not a member of the JLI. Neither is Power Girl. Where they both belong. This is rather scary. If it means that PG gets her own series, too, then it isn't nearly as bad. But that is unlikely at this rate. Captain Atom is an awesome character, or at least was before the relaunch. He is someone that I would have read a series for if someone like, say, Judd Winick was writing it. And it was part of the current DC Universe. But it isn't. So fuck it all. I'm not going to read this series at all. NO THANK YOU, DC!!!
I don't know why anyone would bother to continue reading about these shitty releases, but if you're still around then read the official announcement from DC:
"Captain Atom has all the power in the world, but no hope of saving himself. Charged by nuclear energy, possessing vast molecular powers, he has the potential to be a god among men – a hero without limits. But the question is this: Will he lose himself in the process? JT Krul and artist Freddie Williams II take the character in a bold new direction in CAPTAIN ATOM #1. The cover to issue #1 is by Stanley “Artgem” Lau."

One more series, and that is: DC Universe Presents.
The first story arc in this series is about Deadman, Boston Brand. This seems like a good idea. I might end up picking up some of this series at some point, though probably not the first arc. Read the announcement:
"The anthology series gets a new look in DC Universe Presents, a new series that will focus on multi-issue story arcs each featuring a different superhero from the DC Universe’s rich cast of characters, told by some of comics’ most exciting writers and artitsts. DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #1 kicks off the first arc of the series: a Deadman story by Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang. The cover to issue #1 is by Ryan Sook."

So let me say this to DC:
Dear Chairman Johns, Dan Didio, and Jim Lee, plus whoever else may be in charge of this,
I like the idea of making things more relative and stuff, but to completely relaunch everything and expect fans to just go along with it? You've made one too many dire mistakes. Johns' and Lee on Justice League? Amazing. I've always wanted something like that. Especially with six of the "Big Seven" back in the lineup. And to give characters like Firestorm, Aquaman, Flash, and Hawkman their own series, that's fine. But to have Captain Atom and Mr. Terrific have their own series' announced on the first day of the announcements...well, I'm not too terribly excited.
Please don't revert Donna Troy, Dick Grayson, Wally West, and the like back to their original standings as sidekicks...well, I will drop DC like a drop my phone--easily. Please don't kick Kyle Rayner, Damian Wayne, and the like back into the background. I know you will lose just as many fans, if not more, than you think you will gain.
From your concerned fan,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DC Comics Announces Company-Wide Relaunch to Start August 31st

Well, guys, the rumors are true. DC Comics announced something that would confirm the rumors and speculations that have been going around over the past several weeks since August solicitations were announced.

Let me start by posting the statement that DC said on their blog, The Source on Tuesday;

"On Wednesday, August 31st, DC Comics will launch a historic renumbering of the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 first issues, including the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and bestselling artist and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee."

This is, obviously, an attempt by DC to grab more readers. I, personally, think that it may succeed...but for a short amount of time. Being the second or third of my blogging community to report on this, I have decided to do as much research on the topic as possible.

Now, with Johns and Lee on a new Justice League ongoing series, marking the first time the two bestselling DC-people have teamed-up on a project, I'm honestly rather excited for this. But with a relaunch of 52 series, while there are currently 56 ongoing series out there, I have to ask myself the obvious: "Which series' will be replaced, and what will be replacing it?"

A few months ago, DC announced Johns and former-Green Lantern artist, Ivan Reis, would launch an Aquaman ongoing series. I was excited purely for Reis' art. Earlier in the year, DC also announced a Red Lantern Corps series would be launched, written by fan-favorite horror-y writer, Peter Milligan. Sounds good. When I read Justice League: Generation Lost #24's last page, and say the announcement of the new ongoing series...I was fucking ready for my new-favorite series to come out.

But, then, I thought to myself "But, wait...This can't be right. Three new GREAT ongoing series starting in late-2011 for no APPARENT reason?" Soon enough, August's solicitations rolled around and it was revealed that on the 31st, only Flashpoint #5 would be released for that day. The rumors immediately started flying. It seemed like in only a matter of time, DC would have to make some sort of announcement as to their Post-Flashpoint plans.

On Tuesday, it was official. DC was going to relaunch every ongoing series with a new (or for the first time) issue #1.

There have only been about eight new series' officially announced;
[A] Superman [series]-Written by Grant Morrison

Wonder Woman #1-With a whole new creative team and all of JMS's bullshit GONE!!! YESSSSS!!!

Green Lantern #1-Still written by Geoff Johns and the events of Blackest Night and the whole Emotional Spectrum still intact

Hawkman #1-by James Robinson

Aquaman #1-Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

Justice Society of America-New creative team still to be announced

Birds of Prey #1-without fan-favorite writer, Gail Simone

and Teen Titans #1-written by Red Robin writer Fabian Nicieza

Okay. Great. Cool. Welcome to the club, guys. These are all obvious series (excluding Birds of Prey and Hawkman) to come out. Whatever. What I'm most interested in is the series like Secret Six, Booster Gold, and Batgirl (which are all fan-favorites). Will these be the three unlucky series to disappear forever to never be seen again? Or will it include series like Power Girl, Green Lantern Corps., Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, or Green Arrow that include relatively popular superheroes, that aren't necessarily selling in the high-range right now?

I was pretty much preparing to revamp the series' that I buy after Flashpoint was over; starting with series like Power Girl, Booster Gold, the JLI, Batman, and the Teen Titans. The only series that I am 100% certain will still be around after the relaunch is the Justice League International.

I figured, "Hey, maybe after Flashpoint I can jump onto Power Girl, the JLI, Batman, the Teen Titans, and, best of all, Booster Gold!" But, now... I'm just purely concerned.

But this announcement wasn't only to announce the relaunch of the entire DC was to also announce every issue would be released same-day-as-print in digital! Cool...I guess. Whatever.

The only new thing that I'm looking forward to coming out of this relaunch besides (possibly) a good jumping on point, is the new Justice League series by Johns and Lee. The promotional art shows the return of the "Big Seven" (excluding Martian Manhunter) to the team, along with ten other heroes who haven't been stated yet. Check out this promotional art:

Oi. So I'm tired and I gladly got this post out to you guys before Thursday! Yay! Comment and such, guys. Thanks for reading!