Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DC Comics Announces Company-Wide Relaunch to Start August 31st

Well, guys, the rumors are true. DC Comics announced something that would confirm the rumors and speculations that have been going around over the past several weeks since August solicitations were announced.

Let me start by posting the statement that DC said on their blog, The Source on Tuesday;

"On Wednesday, August 31st, DC Comics will launch a historic renumbering of the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 first issues, including the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and bestselling artist and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee."

This is, obviously, an attempt by DC to grab more readers. I, personally, think that it may succeed...but for a short amount of time. Being the second or third of my blogging community to report on this, I have decided to do as much research on the topic as possible.

Now, with Johns and Lee on a new Justice League ongoing series, marking the first time the two bestselling DC-people have teamed-up on a project, I'm honestly rather excited for this. But with a relaunch of 52 series, while there are currently 56 ongoing series out there, I have to ask myself the obvious: "Which series' will be replaced, and what will be replacing it?"

A few months ago, DC announced Johns and former-Green Lantern artist, Ivan Reis, would launch an Aquaman ongoing series. I was excited purely for Reis' art. Earlier in the year, DC also announced a Red Lantern Corps series would be launched, written by fan-favorite horror-y writer, Peter Milligan. Sounds good. When I read Justice League: Generation Lost #24's last page, and say the announcement of the new ongoing series...I was fucking ready for my new-favorite series to come out.

But, then, I thought to myself "But, wait...This can't be right. Three new GREAT ongoing series starting in late-2011 for no APPARENT reason?" Soon enough, August's solicitations rolled around and it was revealed that on the 31st, only Flashpoint #5 would be released for that day. The rumors immediately started flying. It seemed like in only a matter of time, DC would have to make some sort of announcement as to their Post-Flashpoint plans.

On Tuesday, it was official. DC was going to relaunch every ongoing series with a new (or for the first time) issue #1.

There have only been about eight new series' officially announced;
[A] Superman [series]-Written by Grant Morrison

Wonder Woman #1-With a whole new creative team and all of JMS's bullshit GONE!!! YESSSSS!!!

Green Lantern #1-Still written by Geoff Johns and the events of Blackest Night and the whole Emotional Spectrum still intact

Hawkman #1-by James Robinson

Aquaman #1-Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

Justice Society of America-New creative team still to be announced

Birds of Prey #1-without fan-favorite writer, Gail Simone

and Teen Titans #1-written by Red Robin writer Fabian Nicieza

Okay. Great. Cool. Welcome to the club, guys. These are all obvious series (excluding Birds of Prey and Hawkman) to come out. Whatever. What I'm most interested in is the series like Secret Six, Booster Gold, and Batgirl (which are all fan-favorites). Will these be the three unlucky series to disappear forever to never be seen again? Or will it include series like Power Girl, Green Lantern Corps., Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, or Green Arrow that include relatively popular superheroes, that aren't necessarily selling in the high-range right now?

I was pretty much preparing to revamp the series' that I buy after Flashpoint was over; starting with series like Power Girl, Booster Gold, the JLI, Batman, and the Teen Titans. The only series that I am 100% certain will still be around after the relaunch is the Justice League International.

I figured, "Hey, maybe after Flashpoint I can jump onto Power Girl, the JLI, Batman, the Teen Titans, and, best of all, Booster Gold!" But, now... I'm just purely concerned.

But this announcement wasn't only to announce the relaunch of the entire DC was to also announce every issue would be released same-day-as-print in digital! Cool...I guess. Whatever.

The only new thing that I'm looking forward to coming out of this relaunch besides (possibly) a good jumping on point, is the new Justice League series by Johns and Lee. The promotional art shows the return of the "Big Seven" (excluding Martian Manhunter) to the team, along with ten other heroes who haven't been stated yet. Check out this promotional art:

Oi. So I'm tired and I gladly got this post out to you guys before Thursday! Yay! Comment and such, guys. Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice post Caz, I'm thinking that team is gonna be huge as shit and they'll just swap people in and out depending on the story, which may work as long as they don't waste some spots. I mean, I think the Batman should be Grayson, see how he interacts with guys like Supes and Aquaman as well as Wondy on the team, although Cyborg does seem to be the token black guy on the team.

    Fabian recentky stated he wasn't doing Teen Titans so I'm wondering if any of those teams are true outside of the Robinson Hawkman and the JLA thing. Long story short, I think it's a dumb move, I just hope they don't ruin the people I like in the Bat Family, as well as Booster, Peej, Gen Lost, Wally, Bart Allen, Ravager, Huntress and some other characters I really enjoy.

  2. I sincerely hope that it isn't nearly as big of a fuck up as everyone thinks (namely that just about every continuity is still in place, just some looks and minor origin details being rearranged). I agree with your thoughts on the whole JLA membership thing. Honestly, if Grayson goes back to being Nightwing, I wouldn't mind. Or maybe some new name or something. I think he shouldn't have to be Batman or Robin for people to know who he is.

    CBR posted those different series and stuff out there. But I'm pretty sure with a change-of-continuity, they would have to "fix" Wonder Woman. I don't mind her outfit as much as I mind the character she became. I did like seeing her in Gen Lost, though. I really hope Wally & Bart don't disappear into the background (or the garbage bin) in the DCU.

    Ravager is a complicated character for me. I don't particularly like her, but I feel like she isn't a bad character.

    I hope te overall outcome of this reboot is that DC doesn't fuck up and mess a whole shitload of stuff up, gains a bunch of fans, and makes comics a relative medium again! But...I doubt it.