Monday, March 26, 2012

Yet ANOTHER Interview with TEEN TITANS artist, Brett Booth!

So a few weeks ago, you posted a picture of Wonder Woman on your blog. Is this a sign that Diana (and maybe some more Leaguers?) will be guest-starring in TT at some point?

Nope, just me blowing off some steam. In the TT annual, the Titans and the Legion all have 'Tron' suits. Which sort of makes doing lighting and rendering... difficult. Originally I was going to draw Power Girl in her new duds. But that wasn't working for me so I decided to do Diana instead:) I'd love to have her in TT for a bit but right now there are no plans.

Also speaking of things you posted on your blog...when you posted about how "creative differences" happened on G.I. Combat for your cover art, and you said something about "enough dinosaurs" showing up in TT soon. And the cover to TT #9 showed Solstice and Kid Flash alongside some dinosaurs. This a sign of just some crazy time-traveling tale, or are we actually gonna see some of your amazing dinosaurs?

I won't compromise on the dinosaurs. Accurate anatomy or I won't draw them. But to get to the meat (hehe!), there are dinosaurs in TT 10, all kinds of them:) It's sort of a one off issue, to give the team a chance to rest before we start up with more craziness! It should be a great character issue along with some cool dinosaur shots!

Is there any chance of us seeing Miss Martian in the series?

Both Scott and I are trying, but she's sort of in the same boat as Wally or Donna... we do have some ideas, hopefully one will sneak through! Funnily enough I just did a new design for her last night. Now's the tough part, getting it approved!

I went back and re-read all of my issues of TT so far and in the first issue Tim mentioned something about this being a new incarnation of the Teen Titans. I was curious if that was something that was meant to be there or are we supposed to be implying that there are former Titan teams out there?

I think this is still an 'up in the air' thing. We were told there were Titans before or at least groups of teen or 'sidekicks'. We know Kory, Dick and a few others used to hang out together. So I'm not really sure if it was anything more than people hanging out and fighting crime together. You'd have to ask Dan for a definitive answer and good luck with that! LOL!

Also in the first issue, we saw many characters in the background on the pages where we first meet Tim, like Miss Martian, Static, and (what seemed to be) Raven. Any chance of the line-up swapping out, or just purely adding in some characters like that?

As I said, we're trying to use more of the old Titans, but we are trying to keep the team number down to 6 for awhile. It's hard to give everyone something to do every issue, you always have a few that are just standing around for most of the issue. We're actually splitting the team up for a bit to cover more ground and give backstory to Cassie. Scott has some cool guest stars we're trying to get... As for swapping out... I think we've only just started with this group, to toss some before they have a chance to be flushed out seems like a bad idea. Who do you toss? Who gets to be brought in?

Static will not be in TT, because DC doesn't own him it makes using him difficult, Raven is going to be appearing in another book... We will see a few familiar names and faces but they won't be joining... at least not this team (Omen, KoffKoff);)

Thanks, Brett. You can check out my other interview with Brett here.