Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Justice League: War review

By some weird fluke, despite the release date for Justice League: War being February 4th, iTunes has released it to everyone (or at least those who pre-ordered it) as of today. So. I figured I'd give it a good old review since I have it two weeks before the DVD/Blu-Ray gets released!


The story, based off of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League #1-6 "Origin" story arc, largely sticks to the original plot. But despite keeping true to the original story, it features a few important changes to the story. The most noticeable ones are the changes to Wonder Woman's outfit and the fact that Shazam is on the team instead of Aquaman. Inherently that will cause some immediate changes to how the story flow works and how well (or lack thereof) the team works together.

The team getting ready to go head-to-head with Darkseid
In the comics, the story starts off focusing on Batman, where here it starts off with Green Lantern. But the dynamic between the two goes exactly the same as it did in the comics. At first, Cyborg is introduced as this big hulking robot monster (once he becomes Cyborg of course) but as he fights with the Parademons his suit is beaten down and it begins to look like the regular suit we know for him. Interestingly enough, Flash is introduced as a friend of Silas Stone (Victor Stone's A.K.A. Cyborg's father) instead of being called in by Green Lantern to help fight Superman.

Darkseid is a little bit odd in the way that he is handled, but it really isn't too different from the comic story arc.

The really big surprise is that the animated movie does have a mid-credits scene.

Spoilers follow

Someone who appears to be Ocean Master (A.K.A. Aquaman's brother) appears in the middle of the credits and he says that the surface world killed the King of Atlantis (who does not appear to be Aquaman, by the way) and that they will pay. This heavily implies that the next Justice League animated feature will be based off of the New 52 Justice League book's second story arc, the Throne of Atlantis.

Overall, I give Justice League: War an 8/10.