Wednesday, January 30, 2013

8 Reviews for a Rainy Day!

All-New X-Men #6: 8/10. While this issue wasn't as good as #5, but as always the story was great. I think that I can happily say that this is the best series I'm reading now.

Avengers #3: 7/10. I think this issue was the best of the series so far, but I don't think this series has necessarily as great as possible.

New Avengers #2: 8/10. Hickman's much better Avengers series, focusing on the Illuminati, kicks into high gear despite the amounts of talking in the issue.

Young Avengers #1: 9/10. This. Issue. Was. Awesome. And that finale! Oh damn. I don't know what could be better. Except....

Green Lantern: New Guardians #16: 10/10. Best issue of this entire series so far. I mean come on!!! White. Lantern. Kyle. Rayner!!!!

Batman #16: 8/10. I have to say, out of this entire issue...the back-up was the best part of the issue. I enjoyed Joker taking down Riddler, Two-Face, & Penguin like they were nothing. But the issue was still good.

Green Lantern #16: 7.5. The pent ultimate issue of "Rise of the Third Army" wasn't anything special. Honestly it was about average.

Justice League #16: 8.5/10. "Throne of Atlantis" continues to please, especially when Cyborg calls for "reinforcements" as the rest of the team has been incapacitated. Oh and that Shazam! back-up is awesome.