Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marvel to Relaunch their Main Franchises?

Marvel has seemingly announced three new series to start this fall. Comic Book Resources reported on it this morning.

"Uncanny Avengers: (oct 2012) written by [Rick ]Remender. It is going to be the new flagship marvel title and will have among others Cap, Thor, Wolvy, Rogue and Havok in it and both sides will still have some AVX tension.
Avengers (dec 2012): Bi weekly with more then 18 avengers on the team. Written by [Jonathan] Hickman with one shot stories and longer galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs
X-men: (nov 2012) hold on to your hats...... Bendis!!! about the original five x-men time-travel two the present in a pleasantville style story and who are not going to like what they see once they are in the present and will find it unacceptable. Bendis says the time travel aspect of the story is not as important as the character based drama."

This interest you? Uncanny Avengers and X-Men both interest me. I'll check in later but in the meantime check out this crazy piece from Joe Quesada depicting the future of the Marvel Universe!

My comments: Look at that crazy new Cyclops outfit!! Oh god why is Cable there. Cap and Iron Man's new outfits are cool. All the other characters, I don't really see any changes for.

The Flash #10 Review

Cover to The Flash #10 by Francis Manapul

The Flash #10
Written by: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by: Marcus To & Ray McCarthy


  • The issue opens with some guy named Claudio getting killed two years ago while he's on the phone with his brother, Marco
  • Turns out Marco is Weather Wizard
  • Flash gives us a run-down on what's been happening the last few issues 
  • Flash is fighting off Weather Wizard, who has apparently kidnapped Flash's girlfriend, Patty
  • Barry keeps letting his mind wander to Patty during the fight
  • Apparently Weather Wizard unleashes a flood, which Barry drags with his super-speed to a large body of water
  • He eventually catches up with Marco again, who is confused as to why Flash would think he kidnapped Patty, as she was investigating his brother's murder
  • Meanwhile, Patty is talking with some dude who has been captured along with her named "The Spider" (no super-powers, as far as I can tell)
  • Turns out there is a whole Italian-Gang-styled rivalry between families going on
  • Marco's brother, Claudio, was the head of the Mardon Family and he was going to gain peace with their rivals by giving up a bunch of Mardon territory
  • Claudio's wife, Elsa, killed him to keep from losing the land and to re-spark the violence
  • Patty figures out that Elsa is going to kill them
  • Meanwhile, Flash takes down Elsa and Marco
  • Barry begins interrogating Marco for information
  • Elsa admits to having Patty captured
  • Flash takes down the thugs guarding Patty
  • Marco kills Elsa by shocking himself and her with lightning
  • Lisa Snart, now known as Glider, takes Marco away
  • Barry somehow comes to the conclusion that he can't ever tell Patty that he's alive and that he is the Flash


The issue started out strong, stayed good for most of it, but then that last page really frustrated me. If anything, now is the time for Barry to tell Patty that he is still alive and all that stuff. But whatever, I'll stop complaining about it. As for the story, I'm really enjoying it overall and I'm really glad that the Rogues have begun coming together. I have to say that I've noticed since the New 52 began, a lot of the series have lost the narration aspect of it the story, but this is one series (much like Teen Titans and Batman) that hasn't lost that. That definitely is a plus in my book. Another thing, I know that it was an odd decision for Barry to not tell Patty, but for those of us reading this series that wish he and Iris would get together, this may be that very chance to see them get together. Now that Patty thinks Barry is dead and gone, she'll be moving on. So why not have Barry jump back into the past and find good old Iris West? (Which could also pave the way for our introduction to New 52 Wally West? Just a thought.) And also, Marcus To's art was and is phenominal. And while yes, I love Francis Manapul's artwork and style for Flash, I thoroughly enjoy To's art and cannot wait til next month to see it again. It may very well get me to start reading Batwing. This issue gets an 8/10.

Barry: "How do you say 'Excuse me while I use my super-speed to 'draft' millions of gallons of water behind me, so it doesn't flood your town' in Spanish?"