Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes--the back door to the "Old" DCU?

On Tuesday--as DC does every Tuesday--DC released previews of the week's comics. This week, one of the comics being released was LEGION LOST #6, which the preview starts with Timber Wolf in a jail cell speaking with Martian Manhunter. (Seen below)

Timber Wolf obviously knows who J'onn is, which means that his activities as a hero obviously were know publicly at one point or another before the Legion. Also: The Legion hasn't changed at all. And I mean the only change with the New 52 is that Mon-El is no longer a Green Lantern. Even Lightning Lad's death didn't get retconned in the relaunch (which is kinda disappointing).

But does the fact that the Legion had practically no changes mean that the Legion is DC's "back door" to returning the DCU to how it used to be? And we can all wake up and the relaunch will have been just a big scary nightmare? Hmm... That'd be nice.