Thursday, October 13, 2011

2-Week Oct. Quickies

Well here we are...a day after my last post. Haha! We have comics from the past two weeks, which include Action Comics, Detective Comics, Justice League International, Red Lanterns, & Ultimate X-Men #2, and also the X-Men: Regenesis One-Shot! we go!

Action Comics #2-Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Brent Anderson, & Rick Bryant
Since Supes was arrested in #1, we see him being... electrocuted. Do they really think that'll work? But anyway, I liked the issue and it set up for bigger things with the rocketship and shtuff. Only things that annoyed me was that the art was a little inconsistent and also that the cliffhanger included some alien-thing talking to Luthor. I can't think of any alien that would be good for this story besides maybe Brainiac? And if it is him, why didn't they show him? But still pumped for #3. 6/10

Detective Comics #2-Tony S. Daniel, Tony Winn, & Sandu Florea
Okay I refuse to review this comic. I really hated it. I couldn't even finish it, it was so boring and uninteresting. I liked #1, but #2 was awful. No more Detective for me. NA/10

Justice League International #2-Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti, & Matt Ryan
I was really happy with #1, and unlike Detective...I really loved #2 for this. I'm really liking Jurgens interpretation of this team. Its fun, its interesting, and we get to see a mixture of old, "only in it for the money" and new, "real hero" Booster Gold and it really works well together. I am also really liking the Rocket Red/August General In Iron rivalry. 10/10

Red Lanterns #2-Peter Milligan, Ed Benes, & Rob Hunter
Even though I have to laugh every time I see Benes has drawn Bleez with her ass huge and stuff, I'm still really enjoying the story. I'm super interested in who Atrocitus decides to give some brainpower to. It still has an excellent mixture of action and calmness. 9.5/10

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #2-Nick Spencer, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, & Marte Gracia
I kinda wish we would've been able to see Jimmy (Wolverine's son) a little in this issue, but I liked getting some action with Rogue, The Shroud (Kitty Pryde), Iceman, & Human Torch. I am really loving the art for this series, too. Plus I like the fact that Bobby and Johnny keep arguing whether or not Johnny is ACTUALLY a mutant. And the fact that JOHNNY IS STILL ALIVE is great. 8/10

X-Men Regenisis One-Shot-Kieron Gilen, Billy Tan, & Andres Mossa
Okay just for any background stuff to get it out of the way... I've never read any mainstream X-Men comics (having already read Ultimate X-Men #1 in Sept.) so I'm not EXACTLY sure who some of these characters are. But I really loved this one-shot. It introduced me to some characters, made Scott Summers... likable!?, and kinda confused me but then reminded me that Magneto is a good guy now. (At least until "Magneto: Not A Hero" next month) I really enjoyed it and I thought the concept of the caveman-like battle between Scott and Logan was pretty cool. It has me caught up and excited for the upcoming X-Men stories. 9/10

And just like that, we're done. Two review posts in about 24 hours!? HOLY SHIT! I was gonna get Batgirl #2 on Wednesday, but I didnt have enough after UC:X-M #2 and Regenesis. Might get it soon. Thanks for reading!