Saturday, February 4, 2012

Upcoming Ongoings: Worlds' Finest & Earth-2

So, as it was recently announced by DC, a "Second Wave" of titles will be released in May, following six of the... "First Wave"(?) titles getting cancelled.

As I said, I'm very excited for at least two of the new series...specifically the ones focusing on Earth-2!

I can't wait for Power Girl to be returning to the position of a starring role in an ongoing series. I had been hoping to, before the relaunch, go out and get some new series and Power Girl was one of them.

Worlds Finest

Worlds Finest will be starring Power Girl and Huntress. This is also coming from the "Huntress" mini-series Paul Levitz did, which I believe is finishing up this month. Apparently it will show Karen and Helena meeting. I'm down with that. I might actually pick up the last issue just to see that, despite the fact that I'll probably be confused as fuck. Haha.

I can't wait for this series, though. Two displaced heroes (badass heroes, might I add?) and I'm hoping we see some kind of interaction with Earth-1's heroes. And eventually, they'll obviously end up on Earth-2 again. And maybe once they're back on Earth-2, they'll have brought Mr. Terrific and Hawkman back with them? I wouldn't mind that. Assuming there aren't already Earth-2 versions of the heroes. But I definitely have VERY high hopes for this series and expect to subscribe to it before I even read the first issue.


James Robinson and Nicola Scott are bringing back the JSA in, hopefully, an unexpected way. I'm hoping that we see Golden Age Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman. Along with Dr. Fate, the Spectre, Sandman, the Atom (not Ray Palmer sadly) & so many other Golden Age characters. But most of all? I want the Golden Age Green Lantern, Flash, and Wildcat. That's right. The "Big Three" of the JSA.
I would like to see, as crazy as it sounds, Earth-2 be a $3.99 title. Maybe we toss in the "original" JSA back in WW2 as a second-feature. But in the "main" time we see the new iteration of the JSA fighting current threats. But most likely, we're going to get a mainstream story that costs $2.99 with most of the "normal" JSA on the line-up. Dr. Fate, Wildcat, Green Lantern, Flash, etc.

So are you looking forward to these two series? I certainly am. They should be very cool titles. I cannot wait.

Green Lantern #6 Preview!

Green Lantern #6
Geoff Johns & Mike Choi