Friday, June 1, 2012

And the New Gay Character is...ALAN SCOTT!

(Cover to Earth-2 #2 by Ivan Reis)
It's official, folks! DC has announced that Alan Scott, the Green Lantern featured in Earth-2 will be the new gay super-hero. My three favorite non-blog comic websites, Comic Book ResourcesComic Vine, and Newsarama have already gotten interviews with James Robinson (writer of Earth-2) posted on their website. 

The series, written by James Robinson and penciled by Nicola Scott, has put out one issue out thusfar and came as part of the New 52's "Second Wave" of titles. I really enjoyed the first issue, even gave it a 10/10 in my review so I'm really excited for the second issue to come out ANYWAY even without this announcement. 
There was many speculations as to what hero will have their sexual orientation changed. And James Robinson said that it was his decision, since he wasn't going to be allowed to use Obsidian or Jade (which was learned in the CBR interview) he decided to change Alan's orientation and apparently Didio just went along with it. Which, for once, I have to thank Dan Didio. YES, readers, I AM THANKING DAN DIDIO! I have to say that I'm not a fan of him and I've expressed that several times over the last year or so. Don't worry, fans, I'm not losing my mind, but I am thankful for this decision. While I'm sure that many people will be thinking and maybe even saying "Ugh, why Alan Scott? Why not some new character?" I have to say that it gains more attention and it doesn't seem unnatural that Alan Scott would be gay. I really hope that I get the chance to speak with James Robinson and/or Nicola Scott sometime soon (as I have in the past with Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth).