Friday, November 25, 2011

Ultimate Universe--Is This It?

That variant cover to "The Ultimates" #4 shows, what I assume to be, all thats left of the heroes in the Ultimate Universe. And of those characters, I only know like ten. But then again...that is the majority of them on there.

During "Ultimatum," most of the Ultimate Universe was wiped away. While "Ultimatum"'s creative team was great (Jeph Loeb and David Finch!!!), I can't help but think that its sad that they were the ones to wipe out most of the X-Men and make a bunch of characters go MIA.

Back in September, Marvel "relaunched" their Ultimate line with the new Ultimate Spider-Man, the new Ultimate X-Men, and the good old Ultimates.

But just throwing it out there, I'd like to see Jimmy (Ultimate Wolverine's son) fight Ultimate Hulk sometime. I think itd be pretty cool to see. Considering the ONLY experience on the Ultimate Universe is the new X-Men series and having kinda sorta read a few pages of some of the old Ultimate Spider-Man stuff...I might not be the best source. I suggest asking JT or X-Man if you have any specific q's about this subject.

I just cant believe that those characters above are the only heroes left.