Sunday, March 25, 2012

Batman #7 Review-SPOILERS AHEAD!

At the very beginning, Batman is brought back to life by some chick in a van. I should probably know who this is, but I don't. We then see the Court of Owls bring a new Talon to life, stating that he is now "faster, stronger than ever." We see Batman crawling his way to the underground entrance to the Cave,where Alfred grabs him and drags him in. Bruce sees that they have the old Talon who Bruce killed is on a slab in the Cave. Despite Alfred's arguments, Bruce demands he be placed on "the table" for examination. Now, we see the Court showing the new Talon who their "enemy" is (Batman) and putting on his armor. Back in the cave, Dick decides to stroll in and see Bruce. Apparently Talon was able to survive due to some thing about how a tooth made of electrum (click to find out what that is) which can apparently reanimate tissue. He apparently survived the fall off of Wayne Tower and the many other attacks due to the tooth but the freezing cold of the river made the electrum stop working or something. Apparently, this Talon (who looks like he's Dick's age), is Dick's great-grandfather, William Cobb. Dick begins ranting to Bruce about how he is cutting himself off from humanity and emotion and all kinds of other stuff, which leads Bruce to "KRACK"ing Dick in the face. (HA!!) But apparently it was only to get a tooth made of electrum out of his mouth. Well, shit. Think of how deep the control of the Court must go if they can control everyone, EVEN THE DENTISTS!!! Dick was supposed to become the next Talon. Apparently, Haley's Circus has been presenting children to the Court and Dick was chosen but since his parents' deaths and Bruce adopted him, that was blocked. Bruce tells Dick that he feels like the Court owns Gotham, but Dick tells him that neither the Court NOR Batman "are" Gotham. Then, the Court releases a shitload of Talons onto Gotham to take control of the city for the Court.
I think that the storyline is heating up, and that both Snyder and Capullo are bringing interesting twists to the Dark Knight and his supporting cast in this story. I'm enjoying it up and down, but this issue was certainly a strong set-up for things to come. Can't wait for the actual event. 8/10 Nightwing: "Yes, you made a mistake and underestimated them...but they're not Gotham City, Bruce. And neither are you." Alright, people. There you have my review of Batman #7. I was going to try and review Green Lantern & Red Lanterns #7 (even though I already did a "quickie" for them) but I'm just too tired, so I'll just skip that. I will hopefully be getting Justice League #7 soon and I'll review that, but I don't have yeah, don't expect much of a review. See you soon!