Saturday, February 11, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Teen Titans artist, Brett Booth!

As I said earlier today, I just had an interview with one of my favorite comic book artists of all time. That artist happens to be the current TEEN TITANS artist, Brett Booth! (but you probably knew that from reading the title. Haha.)

Me: Whats it been like working with Scott?

Brett Booth: In a word, interesting. I never know what to expect from him. Seriously he had one idea that was so out there, so crazy I thought it might work! Bob Harris thought otherwise but I have a feeling Scott might sneak it in there.

And he gives me som cool visuals to draw, that's a big plus:)

Me: Who is your favorite artist (besides yourself, obviously ;D)?

BB: Tough one, I don't really have a single favorite but a group of favorites. Let's see, Jim Lee, Art Adams, George Perez, Kevin Maguire, Mark Silvestri, John Byrne, Walt Simonson, David Mazzucchelli and I'm gonna toss in Greg Capullo cause his Batman is friggen awesome!

Me: How did you getting involved in the series come about?

BB: Well I was told about a week after I started JLA 55 that they were canceling the series so they could bring it back with Geoff Johns. Eddie Berganza had been trying to get me to go exclusive for a bit and when we started to get the paperwork going he asked me to take over Teen Titans with Scott. I'd worked with Scott a few times in the past and it was a hoot, so I agreed. And because the Speedforce book I was trying to get one was dead:(
Me: Who is your favorite character to draw on Teen Titans? Why?

BB: Bart, cause he's fast! For some reason I love drawing the speedsters. It's a challenge to make them look like they are really moving!

Me: Who is the hardest to draw? Why?

BB: Skitter!!!!! Cause of the extra arms and legs. She's not in the book as much and I don't have her outfit completely memorized yet.

Me: If you could add any characters to the line-up, who would it/they be?

BB: Hmmmmm, Aqualad or Static. I like them both and would love a chance to draw them!

When you say Aqualad, do you mean the Aqualad we first met in Brightest Day?

BB: Yep!

Me: As for the upcoming crossover with Superboy and Legion Lost, has it been a challenge drawing all of the new characters that aren't consistently in TT? Like the Ravagers, the Legion, etc.?

BB: It's a royal pain, cause the LL have all new costumes for this, as do the Teen Titans. So basically everything except Superboy is different. I have to keep looking at reference for every character because nothing is sticking with so many of them. Add to that the new bad guys, the Ravagers and Colony people… it's a tough one.

Me: Out of all of the characters out there in the DC Universe, who is your favorite? (this could also include characters like Donna Troy and Wally West who aren't necessarily being seen currently, but have existed in the past)

BB: Of course its Wally, but then I'd have to say Ted Kord after that.

Me: If DC came to you later today and said "So we have an idea for a new series starring Wally West. We want you on art.", would you accept? Why or why not?

BB: Yes. Because it's Wally and he's what got me to read DC comics. There are very few characters that I would really love to draw, I mean REALLY love to draw. Others might be fun but the few times I'd drawn Wally have been so fricken enjoyable! Maybe I'm just at a spot that I feel more comfortable about the work I produce but when I draw Wally it just feels right. Bart's kind of the same, but I think that's because he lets me goof off a bit. Which is always fun;P

Thanks a lot, Brett! It means a lot! Kay, guys. Well there you have it. And, just saying, Wally needs to come back sometime soon.

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Speculation? I think yes.

Exclusive Interview with One of My Favorite Artists!

I happen to have an interview set-up with one of my new favorite artists. I am looking forward to this. It'll be great! See you soon, kids!