Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green Lantern #1 Featuring Hal Jor--wait what's that? JUST IN: SEPTEMBER'S GREEN LANTERN #1 TO STAR THAAL SINESTRO

Yeah, that's right. I mean the solicit for GL #1 did say "a surprising new Lantern." Earlier today on DC's "The Source" blog, announced that Sinestro would be on the cover of September's Green Lantern #1. Where is fan-favorite Hal Jordan, you might ask? Nothing has been confirmed, yet, but I'm going to assume that he's still the main character of the series. DC (hopefully) isn't stupid enough to take a series away from Hal, just to give the same title and creative team to Sinestro. Just saying.

And obviously, Hal isn't losing the ring. He's in Geoff Johns & Jim Lee's Justice League series. So why does it say on the title of the Source's blog post "The New Green Lantern of Sector 2814 is revealed"? He's from over 1,000 space sectors away, in sector 1417. AND he is currently, at least, the leader of his self-named Corps (the Sinestro Corps).

So what does this mean for the (currently-named) Sinestro Corps? Will they be moving on with a new leader, considering their former boss to be an enemy? Will they rename the Corps? Is this only some kind of cheap tease for the cover? I'd prefer the last one.

I'm expecting the Green Lantern-themed solicits for later today, which I'm hoping will include a mini-series about one of the Corps (INDIGO TRIBE!!! PLEASE!!!). Or maybe a mini about Sinestro coming out of issue #1 of GL? One can only assume since October seems to be "the Month of the Mini-Series". Check in later/tomorrow for the GL solicits and hopefully more info on this surprising twist!