Saturday, April 9, 2011

Upcoming Ongoings: Aquaman

A Little Bit of Ranting about Brightest Day
A few weeks back, DC announced that Geoff Johns would be writing an ongoing Aquaman series after Flashpoint ends. Now after Brightest Day #23 premiered a fellow comic book fan said he was done with Geoff Johns' writing until he does something iconic again. Well, I think that Geoff Johns kinda had an off-moment in Brightest Day and that Peter J. Tomasi also wrote for the series, too.
Geoff Johns is my favorite writer, even with the...terrible-ness...that #23 was and I'm assuming #24 will be. But I still agree that the fact that Alec Holland (A.K.A. Swamp Thing) was named the Champion of Earth, is COMPLETELY STUPID!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS DC THINKING!?!?!?!?!?

Aquaman series
But anyway, I'm done ranting. So like I said: An Aquaman ongoing series has been announced to be coming out after Flashpoint is completed! SO EXCITED!!! I've never really liked Aquaman, I often compare him to SpongeBob SquarePants since they can both "speak to fish" and "breathe underwater." Sadly enough, I think the image above is merely fan-fiction, but wouldn't that be amazing if Geoff and Ethan returned for yet another Rebirth story?

Geoff has announced the series is going to be "bursting out of the pages of Brightest Day" (which I'm not entirely sure how to take that, now) and that Mera, Aquagirl, Aqualad, and Black Manta will be important characters in the series...which makes me really excited. I loved the Aquaman story all the way through Brightest Day and I really want to see Jackson Hyde (Aqualad) deal with the fact that his father is Black Manta. I think my favorite character from Brightest Day is Jackson, even though he wasn't one of the resurectees. It has been revealed (in Teen Titans #88) that Jackson will be joining the team.

Anyway, if anyone can make me love Arthur Curry, it's Geoff Johns. But my only requests the Aquaman series is that there are no delays, and that this is a series that Geoff continuously writes...not like most of his series (Teen Titans, Justice Society of America-which I'm pretty certain he wrote, etc.) where he starts it and then leaves it after a story-arc or two. That would make me really disappointed and I would probably stop reading it after he left the book.

So the new Aquaman series that will likely premiere in time for Christmas 2011, is a definite recommendation. (So far at least)