Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Will DC Do to Celebrate the "New 52"s One Year Marker?

Note: Okay I totally typed this up last week on Friday I think but I never got around to finishing it. I decided that I won't edit it to make it current, but instead I'd just type this out. we go!
Can you guys believe that in a week from yesterday we will be at exactly one year since DC announced the New 52? I certainly can't. And you know that DC would never miss on the chance of announcing something big on the one year anniversary of their "New 52" announcement! So what could they be announcing?

The Identity of the Gay Super-Hero
Sure, it's not as big as relaunching your entire line of comics, but since many people have already taken an interest in it, maybe it's time for them to announce who the character will be. It's possible that they will, in fact, announce this on that day but it's very unlikely that it will be DC's only announcement on the 31st of May.

5-Week August
The significance of August in 2011 was huge, despite the fact that many people didn't pay much attention to it. Not only did it mark the ending of the "old" DC Universe, but it marked the beginning of the "New 52" Universe. This August there are also 5 weeks, just like there were last year. And just like last year, DC is taking advantage of it and releasing several "Annual" issues on that date. Will they also announce something else to come on that day next week? Quite possibly.

New Justice League Book?
When the "main" League continuously denied Green Arrow membership to the League, Steve Trevor approached Ollie and offered him to join another team...could this be the book that replaces Justice League International? Quite possibly, I think, because they could even offer membership to several of the JLI members in #12 or in the Annual. I would not be surprised at all if Geoff Johns slipped in a scene where Steve Trevor invites Booster or any number of the JLI squad to join his secret team.

"Zero Issue" Event!
The biggest rumor going around the internet is that there will be a "Zero Issue" event. The rumor is that in September, each DC ongoing series will take a break from everything and tell a one-off story that gives the history of what happened with the character before the "New 52" series began. So, for example, in Justice League we might find out how Green Lantern and Flash met, or how Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman met, or Batman keeping an eye on all of the soon-to-be Leaguers (except Cyborg, of course since his origin WAS in Justice League's first 6 issues). It'd be an interesting idea and maybe we could also get a new hint to the new storylines coming up and such.

Thoughts? I really hope it's the last option. That'd make me very, very happy. Gimme your thoughts and opinions down below!! And keep your eyes out on May 31st (which is TOMORROW!!!) for news of what is to come at the end of August and throughout September.