Monday, November 28, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

Creative Team:

Paul Levitz (writer)
Francis Portela (artist)

Summary of Events Until Now

In the first two issues of "Legion," we see Dragonwing, Chemical Kid, Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Ultra Boy infiltrating a planet-base known as "Panotpes." We met a (new?) character named Renegade, who is a Daxamite...much like Mon-El. Mon-El then shows up on the scene and starts fighting alongside Ultra Boy against Renegade. In the end, the Dominators (!!!) show up with a huge fleet!

Meanwhile, Brainiac 5 and a couple others are doing some stuff that I dont quite understand the point of. If I happen to understand it, I'll explain it later.

Issue Summary

The issue opens with Chameleon Boy, Phantom Girl, Chemical Kid, & Dragonwing scrambling to handle the Dominators, whose fleet is directly overhead.

We then cut to Brainiac 5's lab, where he is testing Glorith's ability to create shields. Glorith asks if he should be watching the monitor to keep an eye on whats happening on Panoptes.

Back on Panoptes, Cham saves DW & Chem, while PG sneaks into one of the ships and destroys it.

We now see Lightning Lass, Cosmic Boy, Shrinking Violet, & Invisible Kid flying in a ship to Daxam. They land and are greeted by some friendly Daxamites (didn't know those existed...). Cos asks one of them what they know about Renegade.

Back on Panoptes, Renegade is easily fending off Ultra Boy, and Mon-El, when an extra squad of Legionnaires show up. The squad consists of: Element Lad, Polar Boy, Sun Boy, Shadow Lass, and Cosmic Queen. Element Lad looks really weird... And Polar Boy seems like a character I will come to hate.

Shadow Lass turns everything dark, which allows Mon-El to punch Renegade hard in the face. Shadow Lass keeps the shadows covering Mon-El and Renegade, while the others fly off to attack the Dominators.

Back on Daxam, Cos learns that Renegade was a student "pursuing off-world studies," but disappeared. Which is quite odd, considering that Daxamites can't leave Daxam due to their fatal allergy to lead and heavy metals. But then it is said that he was being taught via virtual reality, but they can't find any trace of him on Daxam.

We see the Legionnaires enjoying themselves while destroying the Dominator ships. Dragonwing flirts with Sun Boy. And the Dominators begin to retreat. They are not afraid of the Legion following them back to their home planet. Cham managed to get on board the ship before they left.

Element Lad and Brainy are having a discussion on how to stop Renegade, and then we see Mon-El and Ultra Boy had taken down Renegade. Therefore ending the issue.


I know I didn't write reviews (or even buy up until this past weekend) for the first two issues of Legion, but I really like it. I plan on picking it up regularly. Art is great. Story is fun and action-packed. Can't wait to see when Cham inevitably will get caught and be a captive. Glad to see that most of the Legion came together to take down Renegade and the Dominators in this issue. It was great.


Glorith: "Don't you need to monitor whats happening on Panoptes with Renegade?"
Brainiac 5: "Mon-El's there. ANd he gets annoyed when I impinge on his leadership prerogatives...even when I'm right."

Introducing My New Reviewing Style!

So I've decided that I should pick a way of reviewing that fits my time, but also respects all of the series and comic books that end up buying. So I'm introducing a new reviewing style that will be seen in my next review (which will feature Legion of Super-Heroes #3) and be that way for as long as I feel like keeping it that way!

Granted, I'll probably come upon a time that the "Quickies" style is required and I will use it to have some quick reviews. But this will be my new and improved reviewing style.