Friday, May 18, 2012

Justice League #9 Review!

Justice League #9
Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, & Gary Frank (back-up story)

Justice League
-Apparently four years ago, David Graves was really old and sick and then killed his doctor and began his "journey"
-Back in the present, Steve Trevor (who is my least favorite character in this series now) is getting too much press
-Batman is in the Cave and learns that they Key broke in to Arkham
-Clark feels left out from lunch plans at the Daily Planet when Bruce "invites" him to lunch
-Then, shortly after at Arkham, Superman and Batman are taking down a bunch of inmates at Arkham, trying to get to the Key
-Then Steve Trevor gets kidnapped
-GL and Flash just took down Weapons Master
-Flash wants to be bad cop
-Fails miserably
-They call in Wonder Woman
-Supes, Bats, and Cyborg find Key in Arkham and he says that he wants to be locked away
-Key & Weapons Master both say that a man took everything they knew about the League and his name was Graves
-Trevor gets tortured and the new baddy claims that unless he tells him how to get onto the JL's satellite that he will kill Trevor's family
-Trevor tells him that he will tell him everything
-It's Billy's first day of school
-Some rich kids are bullying his foster family
-Billy kicks their asses
-He nearly gets expelled
-Billy threatens the kids again with their dad around and he grabs Billy and tells him that if he "even looks" at his kids again that he'll have to deal with their dad
-Billy's foster dad shoves him off 
-Billy tells him that he could've handled it himself
-Doctor Sivana comes across what seems to be the Tomb of Black Adam
-He gets shocked
-A lightning bolt star over his eye appears
-He claims he can see magic now

I really, really loved this issue. Idk what else to say, beyond that the art was great and that the story seems pretty good. Especially if Steve Trevor dies in this storyline. That'd be great, honestly. Can't wait for the rest of this storyline. I loved the character development. Can't wait for #10. Oh and my only issue with the Shazam story is that we haven't actually seem Shazam himself in a long ass time. This issue gets a 9/10.

The Flash: "All right, Weapons Master. You better, uh, talk or..."
Weapons Master: "Or what?"
The Flash: "Or I'm going to...I'm going to get really... Upset."
Weapons Master: "*tt* I'm not telling you anything."

New Reviewing Style

Okay, all, so I'm basically just going to be ripping of X-Man's review style from over at X-Man's Comic Blog. It's basically set up like this:

-Some bullet points...
-...with key plot points...
-...summarize the issue...
-...until it's over.
Will more or less just be a paragraph about my thoughts on the issue and will include a rating from somewhere between 1-10/10.

So starting with my next review (Justice League #9) later tonight I will use this style of reviewing. Hope X doesn't get mad at me for stealing his style! Haha.