Monday, April 2, 2012

Teen Titans #6 Review

Teen Titans #6-Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
Here's a series that seems to be getting better and better with every issue. I am beginning to regret getting a Red Lanterns (or Justice League for that matter) subscription over this. Oh well, I thought it was better at the time. This issue starts out good and just gets better and better as the story progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue, although I didn't quite get how the suit is the thing that is keeping Bart alive. I mean I could see if Virgil Hawkins (YES, THAT IT STATIC FOR THOSE OF YOU WONDERING) whipped up some kind of device that he could always have or some kind of chip or something, but I mean that would really suck ass having to wear your super-suit 24/7. Bart and Solstice now have something in common! Anyway, this issue was certainly a good filler issue and we got to see Static (one of my secret favorite characters)! My only complaint...well, not really a complaint...more of a question...would be why doesn't/hasn't Tim figured out that Virgil is Static? I mean wouldn't he want to recruit him for the Titans? (I sure as hell wish he would!) I mean Tim is, as I like to say, a "Mini-Bruce" so I'm just kind of confused about that. It's not a big issue, but whatever. I'm glad we got to see Cassie (Wonder Girl) and Miguel (Bunker) have a little character-bonding while Bart and Solstice hint at a future relationship (and figuring out Bart's origin) and we also got to see who I can only assume is Chameleon Girl posing as a detective asking about why Bart is in the 21st Century (and plus we got to see Bart in a snazzy BLUE outfit, assumptively from whatever time Bart's new origin makes him from). This issue had good character-bonding, an interesting new villain (named Grymm), and so yeah this issue easily gets a 10/10.

Kid Flash: "That's the thing, Kiran. I don't know. About my powers. How they work. How I got them. I don't even know who I am. I can usually pretend it doesn't bother me. Keep running. Keep joking. But now...I've stopped. And all those questions keep running around inside my head."
Solstice: "It will be okay, Bart. Get through this and we'll find those answers together. Promise."
Me: "Awwww!"

Justice League #7 Review!

Justice League #7-Geoff Johns & Gene Ha
This was kind of an odd issue. It doesn't really seem like that bad of an issue at first, but after re-reading it you kind of realize how ridiculous, out-of-place, and confusing it is. The issue is focused on Steve Trevor who seems to be getting the full "Geoff Johns' Treatment" up, down, and around again. Sadly we see very little of the League itself in this story and even less dialogue beyond bitching to Trevor about stupid issues while he's trying to have a nice conversation with Wonder Woman over video chat. Speaking of the video chat scene (which took up more pages than the fighting scene...), when Batman was bitching to Trevor about something, he was like invisible. Is Geoff Johns just adding in a power for Bats or something? I know he isn't like (the Pre-New-52) Mr. Terrific and that his "power" is to be invisible to technology. BUT HE JUST ISN'T THERE ON THE SCREEN AT ALL!!! Maybe it was a mistake on Gene Ha's part... Whatever. OH! And speaking of that, HOW THE HELL IS BATMAN GONNA TELL TREVOR TO SHUT DOWN THE J.L.I. He worked side-by-side with them and SAID to Booster that he is a good leader and that he can lead the team. CONTINUITY ERROR, CHAIRMAN JOHNS! JUST BECAUSE YOU HATE THE J.L.I. DOESN'T MEAN EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO!! And for some reason, every damn civilian seems to think that the Justice League would somehow be better government officials than the real government. Call me crazy, but I'd be pissed if Batman or Superman was the president. (Except for the parallel Earth's "President Superman" of course) This issue was just all-around confusing. Only interesting thing we learned was that the dude who wrote the novel that originally dubbed the J.L. as the "World's Greatest Super-Heroes," is the villain for the second story-arc. I give this issue a 7/10 not for the story, but because I was pleasantly surprised by the artwork from Gene Ha, which I have to admit I was not looking forward to but now after reading this issue...I'm glad I didn't just skip it. Plus, it sets up for the second story arc, which is hopefully better than the first.
As for the Shazam! back-up story...I thought it was okay. Gary Frank's artwork was great as always. But it was kind of confusing as to what was going on at first. Once you re-read it, it makes much more sense. I promise. It was good and I am certainly looking forward to seeing more of the New-52 Shazam (hopefully he will eventually join the League!!!). 8.5/10

Me: *looking at the cover* "It says "Justice League" but it stars Steve Trevor...why doesn't Geoff just write a Steve Trevor ongoing instead!?!?!?!?"