Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Earth-2 #1 Review!

Earth-2 #1
Written by: James Robinson
Art by: Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott

The issue opens with us being introduced to an Earth-2 that has been taken over by parademons, with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin (Helena Wayne), and Supergirl (Karen Starr) as the only heroes in the entire world. But Batman has a plan to take down the parademons and all it will take to execute is Kal & Diana giving him time to make sure it gets followed-through. We quickly find out that not only is Diana the last of the Amazons, but that Kal has lost Lois. Bruce keeps on pushing through to a tower that is apparently controlling the parademons. We find out that Supergirl is patrolling the troops that are leading the back-up plan to nuke all sites that have parademon tower things if Batman's plan fails. Kal, Diana, and Bruce all fight as an amazing team. We hear more about Bruce's plan as he was telling it to Diana and Kal. Then, Mercury (yes, the God Mercury) appears to tell Diana that the Gods are dying and that he will likely die in the battle, too. So Diana becomes enraged and begins fighting extra hard against a whole horde of parademons, when out of nowhere Steppenwolf (who apparently was leading the parademons) appears and kills Diana(!?!?!?!?!?). Kal declares that he will kill Steppenwolf, but he blows up Kal(!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?), killing him. Supergirl figures that out and flies to Metropolis to see what happened. Back in the tower that Bruce is inside of, he inserts a virus into the system and explains to Helena that once he inserts the virus it will blow up  all the towers including the one with Bruce inside(!!!). He activates it and boom boom goes the towers all across the world. Then a boom tube opens and has someone standing inside it. Helena & Karen fly into the tube and that's where it leads into Worlds' Finest #1 (which I'll review later). Then we cut to Alan Scott who was narrating the issue from his own little iPad-looking device. Apparently it's the 5th anniversary since they saved the world. Alan is flying to China and he mentions "What's left of Italy" and then we see a bunch of gaping holes. We then cut to Michigan where we see Jay Garrick's girlfriend leaving him for the west coast saying that all he will ever be to her is a few happy memories. Then he's sitting there on a hill drinking some drink talking about how his life sucks when Mercury(!!!) crash-lands and says that the world doesn't have a hero, but it needs one, effectively ending a extremely amazing opening issue.

This issue was PERFECT!!! I loved everything about it!! The art was amazing, the dialogue was perfect, and I'm so glad we got to see Jay and Alan in this issue. I could feel Helena's heartache as she realized her dad was about to die and I couldn't help but laugh at Jay's expression when he first saw Mercury. This series is going to be AMAZING!! I cannot wait a month for the next issue...but it's better than waiting three months for the first. 10/10 easily.

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