Saturday, November 19, 2011

Batman #3 Review--SPOILERS!!!

Batman #3-Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, & Jonathan Glapion

The issue opens with Alan Wayne (Bruce's great-, great-grandfather) running down the street saying that the "owls" are after him and that they have "nests" in his home. Then we cut to Bats interrogating a guy named Luka Volk and then gets attacked by the "Whisper Gang" in the underground subways. He takes them all down super easily in a way no one but Scott Snyder could have described...but let me tell you something: it was badass. Luka says he doesn't know anything about the owls and it turns out he was telling the truth. Bats tells him to stay out of his tunnels.
Back in the cave, we see Bruce and Alfred talking about owls and what they have to do with the Wayne family. Alfred tells Bruce that Alan Wayne developed an obsession with owls.
Then Bruce goes to see Lincoln March (who was injured in the issue prior by the assassin who attacked both he and Bruce) in the hospital. Lincoln talks about how he feels lame for only taking one knife while Bruce took 2 knives and fell out a window, but Lincoln is the one in the hospital bed. Lincoln tells Bruce how he had started to hear and see odd things having to do with owls.
Bruce has his own personal "people" guard Lincoln's hospital room so Lincoln asks the obvious question of Bruce... "But, Bruce, if they're watching me...who's watching you?"
Then we see Bats gliding over Gotham and enters a building on the 14th floor, thinking about how most older buildings are designed with "no" 13th floor. That there was an empty space large enough for a man to walk around in, in most of the buildings. He find hidden bases for the "Court of Owls" in each of the buildings that he checks. He then gets to one building that was built 5 years before and see's the Assassin that attacked him in a picture frame with a bunch of other masked people. Bruce then steps over a tripwire and the entire building explodes, therefore ending the issue.

I really liked it. Art is still strong, story is still amazing, and I can't wait for more. Though this issue kind of seems to be setting up for something more interesting to come. Not quite a 10, but more of an 8/10.

Batman: "Funny thing, though. To really make good on the superstition, you were supposed to leave a small space in the building between floors twelves and fourteen, a false floor, to contain the bad luck of number thirteen."

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