Saturday, November 19, 2011

Justice League #3 Review--SPOILERS!

Justice League #3-Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, & Scott Williams

Well the issue opens with Steve Trevor looking for Diana (Wonder Woman) who apparently forced her way out of the Pentagon. She is then seen walking around and meets a little girl that introduces her to her first ice cream experience. Then Steve runs up and tells her that she has to come back with him to the Pentagon. After this we see a Para-Demon on top of a building and then a whole hoard of them come out and attack D.C.
Back in Detroit (where Vic Stone and his dad were last seen), the Para-Demons are taking away Professor Ivo while Vic's body is slowly slowly being destroyed by energy. Thomas Morrow (T.O. Morrow for all you long-term fans) tells Vic's dad that they have to leave him, but he says that he won't let him die.
Next we cut to Metropolis where Supes, Bats, GL, & Flash were last seen. Flash informs the group that this is not an isolated incident. Bats informs GL that his constructs are breaking which means that he isn't focused and calm enough, to which GL replies that Bats doesn't have any powers. Flash says that he thought Bats was a vampire. Bats tells the group that there are too many and they can't just barrel through them all, to which Supes smashes a ton of them away with a truck. And continues beating them with it.
Morrow, Vic's dad, and an intern take Vic into the "Red Room" and they set Vic down on a table. It turns out that this place has technology from all across the globe in it.
Back with the guys, we see that the Para-Demons are taking the people out over the water, when a whole other group of fresh Para-Demons attack the team. To which Wonder Woman appears and GL calls dibs. (Good luck with that one, Hal)
Vic is slowly dying and his dad injects him with nanites. We then see Cyborg being created. The Demons run off and start circling the water.
Then we see this one page where its like we see Darkseid, but we don't and its honestly rather confusing. I could've lived without it.
Then a huge explosion bursts from the water, Vic goes "on-line" and a huge space-ship-looking-thing appears out of the water. Then Aquaman walks up, asking who is in charge. Then votes for himself to be in charge.

Well I really liked this issue. It had tons of action, which the first and second issue had a little bit less of. It was a good intro to Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and we finally saw Darkseid and Cyborg. It was fun, interesting, and really sets up for the next issue. Can't wait! 10/10, easy.

Aquaman: "So who's in charge here? I vote me."

Check back in later for my Batman #3 review!

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