Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aquaman Column

So I write for my school's newspaper, right? And near the end of September I wrote a column about Aquaman. This was a few days before "Aquaman" #1 came out. I figured I'd post it on here, also.

Arthur Curry, a founding member of the Justice League of America. King of Atlantis, one of DC Comics’ most recognizable characters. And part of “The New 52” initiative by DC Comics, we see Aquaman in two places monthly; Justice League and Aquaman, were both written by industry revolutionist, Geoff Johns.
Aquaman is a character that most people think is a joke. But if you read my “Top 10 Heroes/Villains” column coming up in a few days, you’ll see that Arthur is actually a really awesome superhero, and unlike Squirrel Girl, he can actually make an awesome name for himself.
A few years ago, in Aquaman’s last solo ongoing series before this week’s new solo ongoing series, titled Sword of Atlantis, he was killed. In Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night 8-issue mini- series, he was resurrected along with twelve other heroes and villains for the year-long mini-series named Brightest Day. Black Lantern Aquaman (one of the main villains in Blackest Night) was really awesome, and then Aquaman in Brightest Day fought with long-time rival Black Manta, got a new Aqualad, and rekindled his love interest (and also made her look really, really awesome).
The cover of Justice League #4’s cover shows Aquaman with his trident at Green Lantern’s neck after having taken down the entire League. Now this probably doesn’t reflect anything from the actual issue, but still it shows how awesome he is.
A preview for Aquaman #1 was released and shows a group of bank robbers escaping the scene in a big van and laughing when they see Aquaman standing in the way. Honestly, he’s awesome. Don’t get me started at how cool he is, despite the fact that he has lame powers. He knows how to make them work.

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