Sunday, November 20, 2011

Comic Book Seasons--A Possible "New 52" Original?

So for all of the new #1 issues that we got in September, how many triple digit ongoing series did we lose? Lets count them:
1. Action Comics
2. Detective Comics
3. Superman
4. Batman
5. Wonder Woman
6. Teen Titans (joined the list in August, with its 100th issue)

And possibly more, I'm just too lazy to care. So I get the concept behind ending them. I get the concept behind restarting them. But honestly...why should there ever be another "Action Comics #100"? Its not like its honestly the "100th" issue of the thing.

It was brought to my attention a few months back that maybe--just maybe--DC could start doing "seasons" with their series. Say from September until May, there is a set list of series that happen, right?

Lets say that list is...
The Flash
Justice League
Justice League International
Wonder Woman
and a couple others.

Then, during the time from May until the new September, DC could analyze how well the fans reacted to the character, the story, and the creative team. Then announce in, oh... June or July a new SEASON, instead of a new SERIES of those characters/teams.

Then from October until June, we have another list. And from November until July, we have another list. And from December until August we have another list. There you go. All the months are filled with an equal amount of comics at a time. And maybe during the off-months, we could see a mini-series or a couple cameo appearances from the characters who are "off," in other series.

Its just a thought. Its not like they'd have to end their "New 52" initiative. It'd just be something interesting to think about.

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