Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Earth-2/Justice Society Unconfirmed Cast

Wildcat-Ted Grant-Unconfirmed Character/Soon-to-be-Active
Ted Grant, in the pre-New 52 Universe, was always a member of the "Big 3" for the JSA (alongside Jay Garrick & Alan Scott). He helped shape the next generation of heroes by training them in boxing, as he was the world champion for a long time. It is very likely that Ted will be making an appearance and likely joining the Justice Society when the team is formed. He will likely be the World Champion in boxing when he introduced to the story. Neither he nor his son have been seen in the New 52.

Dr. Fate-Hector Hall-Unconfirmed Character/Soon-to-be-Active
Hector Hall was also one of the original JSA-ers back in the 1940s.  He is the person in charge of the Fate helmet which is one of, if not, the most powerful mystical weapons of all time. It would also be a good way to tie into something that happens with the Trinity of Sin on Earth-1(? Prime?). He is also one of my favorite Earth-2 characters and I really hope for him to be in there.

 Hourman-Rex Tyler or Rick Tyler-Referenced but Unconfirmed/Soon-to-be-Active
The only type of confirmation we've seen about either Rex or Rick Tyler is Joan (Jay Garrick's ex-girlfriend) mentioning her job in Los Angeles at Tyler-Chem. Obviously this is an easy way to keep Joan in the series and introduce Rex/Rick into the series. Very simple and very obvious. Kind of like Alan Scott's referencing his trip to China. 

Wonder Girl/Wonder Woman/(Just plain old) Donna Troy-Donna Troy-Unconfirmed, but hinted/Soon-to-be-Active
The only possible hint that we've gotten that she may be a character in the series is James Robinson stating that Diana wasn't ACTUALLY the last Amazon and that we will see more Amazons soon. Hopefully, we can get Donna Troy back. And if we can get Donna back, Wally West and Stephanie Brown can't be far behind, right!?

There are several other ones, but these are the main characters that I definitely want to see coming from this series.

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