Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Earth-2/Justice Society Cast

In the first issue of Earth-2, Superman is KIA fighting parademons while buying Batman time to finally win the war against Apokolips. He is seemingly blown up by a boom tube.
Wonder Woman-Diana-DECEASED
Alongside Superman, Wonder Woman also died at the hands of Darkseid’s soldiers, except she was killed more personally than Superman. She was killed by Steppenwolf. Her powers are apparently based from the Roman, rather than the Greek, Gods.
He died winning the war against Apokolips by blowing up the towers and destroying the parademons along with them. His daughter is Helena Wayne (aka Robin/Huntress), and he also has a Dick Grayson-esque look, but we definitely know that Bruce was Batman. 

The Flash-Jay Garrick-Soon-to-be-Active
Jay is a 21-year-old who just graduated from college, but his girlfriend left him to move to Los Angeles to work at Tyler-Chem (See: Rex Tyler aka Hourman). He has been claimed to be an “everyman” and the narrator of the series as a whole. We will see the stories through his eyes. His powers of super-speed will be coming from the Roman God, Mercury, tying his origin into Wonder Woman’s history.

Green Lantern-Alan Scott-Soon-to-be-Active
Alan seems to be doing very well for himself, seeing as he is a CEO of a seemingly-major corporation. He is on his way to China as of #1, which is, in his Pre-New 52 origin, where he attained his GL lantern and ring. He has been described at the “Superman” of the modern E-2 stories as the leader and most heroic of the group. Although the cover to #3 does show him burning alive. Not a good start.

Hawkgirl-Kendra Saunders-Soon-to-be-Active
We do not know anything about Kendra other than what her outfit will look like and the fact that she will seemingly tote dual pistols with her. She seems to be of Native American nationality by the fact that there are beads in her hair and that her hawk outfit has taken on much similarities to a real hawk and the facial paint on her cheeks. But we do know that she, since Batman’s death, is going to become the World’s Greatest Detective.

The Atom-Sgt. Al Pratt-Soon-to-be-Active
All we know about Al thusfar is that he was in the first issue as part of a military squad delivering the “back-up-plan” in case Batman’s plan didn’t work. He is extremely short. But beyond that, we do not know anything about the manner of his powers (or if he will even have any) and what he has been doing for the 5 years since Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman won the Apokolips War.

Mr. Terrific-Michael Holt-Active
The only thing that I know about the New 52 Mr. Terrific is that he is from the “Main” Earth and in the last panel of his final issue, he was sucked into a portal, seemingly into the Multiverse. He has been confirmed to be on Earth-Two now so we'll find out how he is going to fit in soon enough!

Now that's it for the confirmed cast of Earth-2 by either image or solicit. I'll post a series of unconfirmed characters and why it is likely that they will be in the series soon. 

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