Friday, February 10, 2012

DC HAS to Release Earth-2 or Worlds' Finest Cover Today!

Over the past few days, DC has begun releasing the covers of their "Second Wave" titles.
Tuesday kicked off with BATMAN INCORPORATED, Wednesday starred G.I. COMBAT, and then Thursday featured THE RAVAGERS. Of course, DIAL H's cover was shown when the wave was announced. This leaves only two series without covers... EARTH-2 and WORLDS' FINEST!

So I'm guessing that today, DC will be releasing the covers of AT LEAST one of the two titles today. Recently, George Perez posted an image on his facebook "like" page with some head-sketches of Huntress and Power Girl. He had just finished the pencils (and I think the inking, too?) for the cover, but he wasn't allowed to show it. I'm guessing that by now, the cover should be finished. But considering I've seen one of Perez's character sketches, I am much more interested for the EARTH-2 cover.

But just for poops and laughs (ha. get it? like shits and giggles? ...fine. I'll just finish the post. :P haha) I'll give you the links to the over covers released this week. I would just have put them in this post, but my blogger is still acting weird and not letting me add any.




^All of those up there are links, just so you know. I know it doesn't have a separate color, but just trust me on this one.

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