Friday, February 10, 2012

May Cover Analysis #1: EARTH TWO #1 Ivan Reis Variant Cover

Okay so earlier today, DC released Ivan Reis' variant cover for EARTH TWO #1, which I linked to.

The cover (as seen above), shows Earth-2 version of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fighting off Parademons. The suits are all very different than the "normal" suits.

Initial Thoughts
Fuck. This shows the REAL "Big Three" rather than the JSA's "Big Three." AND they're fighting off fuckin Parademons! Isn't the Justice League finishing that up like this month?? WHAT??

Thoughts After
Wait. Batman is using those little stick thingies that Nightwing used to use. Hmmm... And they all seem extremely young. Does this mean that they are like the sons/daughters/protegees of the "First Generation" of heroes? So this could be Dick, Donna, and some new Superboy? Maybe Conner? They did say something about this being the "new" generation of the JSA. Maybe the "new generation" Flash would be WALLY FUCKIN WEST!? YES YES YES. PLEASE LET THAT BE SO.

While they're still fighting Parademons (sadly), I will definitely be buying this series. Maybe JL #6 will somehow show that the Parademons get released into the Multiverse? That wouldn't be an awful idea.

I'm kind of sad that they aren't showing any additional heroes like Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, etc. But I'll live. This series should still be great. I know I wasn't a fan of James Robinson's JLA run, but I think this will be able to fix all the bad. I mean honestly he didn't write a bad story. He was left with a League that didn't have Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman, or Wonder Woman. Let alone any other major heroes. But he wrote a good Jade, Dick, Donna, Jesse, etc. Who ALL happen to be part of the (old) DCU "new" generation of heroes! So quite honestly I would love to read a series that STARS a basically younger generation of the Earth-2 heroes that Geoff Johns created/made important during his JSA run, as long as the "original" JSA (Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Ted Grant, etc.) are all there in the background.

I think that this series will be absolutely amazing. James Robinson is a great writer, and Nicola Scott is a great artist. It should be a very good series, and this cover is amazing artwork, which is always what comes from Ivan Reis. I love the Batman and Wonder Woman outfits. They're both pretty damn badass. Just sayin.

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