Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh hey

I completely forgot about this blog, what with finals and Christmas and such. For Christmas I got subscriptions to Justice League, JLI, Green Lantern, Batman, & Red Lanterns. For my birthday, I'm hoping to add maybe 5 more subscriptions (can anyone say Aquaman, Flash, and Teen Titans, along with the recently announced Worlds Finest and Earth-2 series?). I'm thinking that I might wait for a while; finish of the first story arcs of each series I'm getting, and then start up with the reviews.

So starting next month I'll be reviewing Green Lantern, Justice League International, and Red Lanterns. Then the following month I'll be adding Justice League and Batman on again. And in May I'll be hopefully tossing in 5 more series there.

Thanks for bearing with me in my absence.

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