Saturday, October 22, 2011

Justice League #2 Review! SPOILERS!

Hey guys, it DOESN'T look like I'll be able to get out and get Aquaman, GL: NG, Teen Titans, & Wolvie & the X-Men like I had hoped to. But I'll try and round up some cash to grab at least GL: NG & Teen Titans. But anyway, here we go with a not-so-quick review.

Justice League #2-Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, & Scott Williams
Okay I think I'm going to start doing all of my Justice League comics like this from now on. Kind of like Jason on his review blog, where its a long summary of the story, then some quick thoughts at the end. And by the way, I ended up paying for this comic and the sleeve with quarters and dimes. So I'm keeping this one as safe as possible.

We see that Batman has pretty much been completely disarmed and has no gadgets left with him (I wonder if this will come up later in the series, at all?) thanks to Superman being invulnerable to just about everything...even though he's not in Action? Talk about inconsistencies. Especially since they're taking place around the same time. But whatever. Hal finally gets up (damn he must've been down for a long time from just that one punch if Bats wasted his entire utility belt already...) and we see civilians running away from him. Supes thinks that since Batman is carrying the assumedly new Mother Box design, he is on the side of the para-demons that also attacked Supes. Hal and Supes begin duking it out, and Supes easily destroys all of his constructs. Then Hal...calls Barry on his cell phone? Whatttt? Right in the middle of a battle? Good job, Hal. I wouldn't have imagined that happening...ever, but I guess that's why I'm not writing at DC. But anyway, Flash shows up after Hal tells him that Supes will kill them if he doesn't come and help out. Barry, always thinking ahead, says that he feels like this is a big misunderstanding and spins runs around the big guy taunting him about how he's never been touched. He stops for a split second, and guess what...Supes manages to flick his red ass all the way down the street into a hot dog stand. TAKE THAT ARROGANCE! Bats steps in between GL and Supes and calms them down. Then the police/army show up to arrest the gang.
The four heroes escape into the sewer. Then we cut to S.T.A.R. Detroit? Why is it in Detroit!? NOTHING is in Detroit!!! Well maybe that's WHY it's in Detroit... Whatever. We see Vic Stone's dad in a lab with one of the Mother Boxes and then we hear that Vic is there to see him. They get into an argument about how his dad thinks that football is useless even though it's Vic's passion. Then we see the gang bottled up in an abandoned printing press in an amusing scene where Bats says Supes must not have a secret identity because he doesn't hide his face, and GL and Flash think they should maybe try and figure it out on their own. Then we see the Mother Boxes that are both with the heroes and at S.T.A.R. labs are all about to explode. Then they do and a whole shitload of para-demons come out of them. At the same time, Vic was hit with a blast from one of them and his body glows up all red, effectively ending a very interesting issue.

I really liked this issue. I liked the fact that we got to see that Supes strength is DEFINITELY stronger than Hal's willpower. And the fact that Supes can occasionally keep up with Barry, even if he only gets to flick him down the road. I always like to see a Hero vs. Hero battle...even if this one was Hero, Hero, & Hero vs. Hero. I like the fact that we know we're gonna get to see Vic either become Cyborg or realize that he'll have to become a cyborg and also the fact that we will get to FINALLY see Wonder Woman in the next issue. I honestly CANNOT wait. This issue gets a solid 10/10.

Superman: "Chains? You're FUNNY, Green Lantern."


The Flash: "You can SEE THROUGH things?"
Superman: "Most of the time."
The Flash: "What can YOU do, Batman?"
Batman: "I can keep us on point."

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