Sunday, October 23, 2011

Batman #2 Review--SPOILERS!

Okay without the long-ass intro that I had yesterday with my review of Justice League #2, here's my review of Batman #2!

Batman #2-Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, & Jonathan Glapion
Here's a little background info: The cliffhanger from #1 was that Dick's DNA was found under the fingernails of some guy who had been killed.

We open with Bruce talking about the "old" Wayne Tower and all of the welcoming features Bruce's great, great grandfather put in so that newcomers to Gotham would feel welcome. Including 12 gargoyles (called "guardians" by his great, great grandfather) and an observation deck built with "unbreakable" glass. Then we see Bruce smashing through that class with several knives stuck in his body, falling to his death. Then we flashback 24 hours earlier.
Bruce takes down a couple of thugs who have some girls tied up and gets back to the cave in time to be there with Gordon for the autopsy of the body found near the end of #1. Gordan and Bats talk about the "nursery rhyme" about a "fictional" group called the "Court of Owls." Then Gordon mentions how the GCPD doesn't have any DNA recognition for the sample found under the fingernails of the victim and asks if Bats has any ideas and he says no, even though he knows exactly who's DNA it is. Then Dick comes in and talks to Bruce, explaining how the guy had come up and grabbed Dick's arm, leaving a scratch mark on it. That's how he got the DNA from Dick under his fingernails. Then we see Bruce meeting up with Mayoral Candidate, Lincoln March on the observation deck of the "old" Wayne Tower. They talk and Lincoln says how he's not after Bruce's money or his endorsement, he's after his single vote, and also his friendship. Then the elevator opens up and a security guard with a slashed throat fall out. Then an assassin appears in front of Bruce and Lincoln. He throws a knife into Lincoln's chest and begins fighting Bruce. Bruce takes it easy on the super fighting skills because you "never know who's watching." Then he takes the guy down but then the guy gets right back up and kicks Bruce out the window. The guy jumps down with him says something about how he loves killed Waynes and they fight in midair. Bruce grabs onto a gargoyle, but the assassin keeps falling and lands onto a car. that the red-hooded lady? I didn't realize she was in #2 issues, also... I didn't notice her in Justice League... So then the EMT's take the guy away because he didn't have a pulse but then he wakes up, kills the two people in the ambulance, and keeps on driving.

I think my parents are going to end up buying me at least one subscription for Christmas and I'm really hoping that if I could get only two series, this and Justice League would be those two series. But anyway, back to the issue.
I really like the story that is beginning here. It's SUPER interesting. And I'm really liking Capullo's art. I thought at first that I probably wouldn't like it, but I'm happily surprised by it. Honestly, I can't wait for #s 3, 4, 5, and so on. I'll probably wait for about a month before I DEFINITELY ask my parents for it in subscription form, so I at least have 3 issues to base my decision off of. But I'm not even talking about the issue anymore... Strong story, strong art, really looking forward to learn more about the Court of Owls. 10/10

That's two 10/10 issues in one week! I'm too lazy to search through the entire issue for a quote, so I'm just gonna end the post here!

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