Friday, January 17, 2014

Reasons why the Flash's New Creative Team Is Perfect for Me

cover to The Flash #30 by Brett Booth

It was announced a few days ago that there will be a new creative team for The Flash starting with April's #30. This is fantastic news for a few reasons.

Is that Wally West on the cover?

Wally West's Return/Debut

Wally West was the Flash for two decades in the post-Crisis DC Universe until Barry Allen came back in Final Crisis. Barry then took over the reigns as Flash through the end of the pre-New 52 Universe and then for the past almost three years in the New 52, Barry Allen has been the only Flash (with Jay Garrick and Bart Allen both popping up but rarely interacting with Barry, if at all). People have been wanting...neigh, begging...for Wally to make a return to comics. The Flash Annual #3 (set to release April 30th, 2014) will deliver just what the fans want: Wally West. Wally West has always been my Flash. He was the Flash in the Justice League tv show that introduced me to comics in general. And even though Barry Allen had returned by the time I started reading mainstream comics, Wally was always the one I connected most with.

cover to Green Lantern Corps #24, issue written by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen

Robert Venditti/Van Jensen

After Geoff Johns left Green Lantern with #20, everyone was wondering who would step up to fill his shoes and how well they would do. Robert Venditti is the one who replaced Johns on the flagship GL title, and Van Jensen and Venditti have been co-writing the formerly Peter J. Tomasi-written Green Lantern Corps book as well. In my own personal opinion, they have done a fantastic job on the books. They have brought new life to the books in a much-needed way. I hope this is something that continues into the Flash and I have no reason to see why it shouldn't.

Brett Booth
I've been following Brett Booth's work since Teen Titans #1 in the New 52. I've followed him through Teen Titans, Nightwing, and Batman/Superman. I'll certainly be following him onto The Flash. Booth has become one of my favorite artists in the New 52. I even got to have a couple interviews with him right here on the blog. He's an all-around nice guy, but he's also got some extreme talent. I can't wait to see his work on the Flash because not only does he bring his a-game to every book he's done, Wally West is one of his favorite I know he'll do his absolute best to make it look absolutely amazing.

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