Thursday, February 28, 2013

Damian Wayne's Death (and the March covers)

Okay so as I'm sure many of you have heard, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son and current holder of the mantle of Robin, died in yesterday's "Batman, Incorporated" #8. And today DC released a series of variant covers that will be available next month for all the titles that are a Bat-family title (plus Worlds' Finest and Teen Titans, as they both co-star Bat-family members. So while the majority of them make sense and show how the Character would likely react to the information....except one. The cover to "Teen Titans" #18, seen below, by new series artist Eddy Barrows, seems to make Tim Drake (Red Robin) looking HAPPY that Damian is dead. While Tim didn't like Damian very much, I think it's a bit extreme to show him kind of smirking while holding his old Robin outfit. I'm sorry but this is just yet another prime example of how far Tim has fallen in the New 52 under Scott Lobdell's pen. While I know the headlines are all about Damian, I wanted to point out that Tim isn't the asshole he seems to be on the variant cover seen below. I'll post soon after this one with a set of all the variant covers.

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