Monday, July 2, 2012

Teen Titans #10 Review!

Cover to Teen Titans #10 by Brett Booth
Teen Titans #10
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund

  • The team wakes up on Mystery Island
  • Bart saves the team from a dinosaur who is attacking them
  • Cassie and Kon-El come out of their little underground hatch where they left off at the end of Superboy #10
  • Cassie has a character change and actually smiles (!!!)
  • Meanwhile, Tim gets pissy with the rest of the group and flies off to "do some recon"
  • Bunker gets Tim to vent about how everything has just completely fallen apart
  • Tim gets pissy and tells Miguel to just back off, but he refuses to do so and attempts to help in whatever way possible
  • Cassie and Kon-El snatch Tim and Miguel into hugs
  • Later, Cassie and Kon-El are seen sitting apart from the group discussing whether to tell the rest about where they are
  • Tim tells Miguel that the Titans are done but Miguel won't have it
  • Bart and Kiran are having a, erm, good time on their own
  • Tim and Miguel are still going back and forth about whether or not the Titans should continue
  • Kon-El asks if he could talk to Tim for a moment, so Miguel and Tim put their conversation on hold
  • Danny the Street's bricks begin falling to the ground
  • Danny tells the team that as his final act as a member of the team, he will return them to New York
  • This final act kills Danny, by the way
  • Meanwhile, Amanda Waller wishes she didn't have to get involved in the lives of young metahumans, but she has to
Maybe I just never noticed it before, but between Superboy and Teen Titans #10, I noticed that these teenagers don't really talk like teenagers. But beyond that, I don't have an issue with this series. I love the art (so glad Brett Booth is back) and I'm glad the team is finally connecting with one another. And I'm glad that Danny the Street is gone. Finally. But I feel like they took the easy way off of Mystery Island. And the Amanda Waller thing makes me wonder if maybe we'll eventually see a Suicide Squad/Teen Titans crossover? That'd be very interesting. 
The issue gets a solid 9/10

Bunker: "Honestly, none of us has time for crisis of leadership nonsense. You gathered us under your banner. You convinced us that together we could be stronger than we are alone. That means you don't have the luxury of falling apart or walking away when things go wrong. So buck up, Red Robin--or buck off."

The last panel of Danny the Street. Thank God.

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