Saturday, July 7, 2012

Earth-2 #3 Review!

Cover to Earth-2 #3 by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Earth-2 #3
Written by: James Robinson
Art by: Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott
Issue title: "Jade Knight"


  • Alan Scott wakes up in the middle of the crash and wanders to a green light
  • The light tells him that it is the power of the Earth and that he's the chosen one to contain the power the light contains
  • Jay/Flash and Kendra/Hawkgirl are talking for a bit when Kendra randomly attacks him
  • Jay and Kendra go at it for a minute til she takes Jay down and then helps him up
  • Jay agrees to team up with Kendra (kind of) as "everything" is dying
  • Back with Alan, he agrees to take the mantle of Green Lantern
  • We see him in his pretty badass-looking GL outfit
  • Meanwhile an unseen enemy notices that the Green has chosen a champion (Alan) and "in the name of the Grey" he must awaken
  • He is killing everything in Virginia
  • Alan and the light form his engagement ring that he was gonna use to propose to Sam (who's dead, bee-tee-dubs) into a GL ring
  • Alan saves the survivors from the train crash and swears that everything he does as Green Lantern will be in Sam's honor
  • Meanwhile, the Grey's champion kills stuff in Washington, D.C. and we see its Solomon Grundy(!!!!!!)
I have almost no issues here, minus one: Alan got over Sam really quick. But maybe that's just me, because I've never lost someone as close as my fiancee-to-be and then have a Green Light claim it's the Earth's energy and give me all it's power. Soooo yeah. This issue was amazing nonetheless and frickin' Solomon Grundy is the villain!!! That made up for the Sam thing. Green Lantern. Flash. Hawkgirl. Solomon Grundy. That's enough of a great cast to make an amazing book. 10/10

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