Monday, May 14, 2012

Slight Change

So there is going to be a slight change in my comic scheduling, I will be getting Justice League, Batman, Green Lantern, and two new additions in The Flash & Teen Titans starting next month with #10. But that doesn't mean that I won't be getting JLI until August when the series ends, because I certainly will. Especially #12 where we will see Rocket Red's funeral and is also the last issue of the series. The only reason I'm changing it, is because DC decided to make it so they won't send Red Lanterns or Justice League International via mail anymore.

So in the coming months, here is what I think will be my list of comics:

  1. Justice League #9-12 $3.99/issue (but free due to subscription)
  2. Green Lantern #10-12 $2.99/issue (but free due to subscription)
  3. Earth-2 #2-4 $2.99/issue
  4. Worlds' Finest #2-4 $2.99/issue
  5. Teen Titans #9-12 $2.99/issue (but free due to subscription)
  6. Batman #10-12 $3.99/issue (but free due to subscription)
  7. The Flash #10-12 $2.99/issue (but free due to subscription)
  8. Justice League International #9-12 $2.99/issue
  9. Detective Comics #10-12 $3.99/issue
  10. Legion Lost #9 $2.99 (part of the Culling)
  11. Superboy #9 $2.99 (part of the Culling)
  12. DC Universe Presents #12 $2.99
  13. Green Lantern Annual #1 $4.99
  14. The Flash Annual #1 $4.99
  15. Justice League International Annual #1 $4.99
And honestly, I've been considering getting Animal Man because of the new artist, so maybe even that series starting in August, too. I might just reboot my entire list of comics for September. It'll be the one year anniversary of the DC relaunch/reboot, after all. 

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