Friday, April 6, 2012

My Favorite New 52 Series Thusfar?

Well, I started reading 20. Then it got cut to 10. Lately it's jumped between 5 and 7. Currently, the only series I do/plan on getting regularly are the following:

Justice League-Geoff Johns & Jim Lee, Batman-Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo, Green Lantern-Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke, Teen Titans-Scott Lobdell & Brett Booth, Red Lanterns-Peter Milligan & Ed Benes (for now), & Justice League International-Dan Jurgens & Aaron Lopresti.

So for all the reviews I've done since the beginning of the New 52...I am going to round them all up and put together a collective score list for those series. Here we go.

Justice League:

#1-September 2011: 8.5/10

#2-October 2011: 10/10

#3-November 2011: 10/10

(I didn't review #4)

#5-January 2012: 7/10

#6-February 2012: 7/10

#7-March 2012: 7/10

So far, Justice League collectively has a score of 49.5/70 which averages out at a 7/10 score which leads me to think that this series is merely average rather than the series which should be getting near-if-not-perfect scores monthly.


#1-September 2011: 8.5/10

#2-October 2011: 10/10

#3-November 2011: 8/10

(Didn't review #4-6 for some reason...)

#7-March 2012: 8/10

So far, Batman is collectively getting a score of 34.5/40 which comes to about an 8.6/10 but to be completely honest those issues in between would be pulling the series up to about a 9/10 average at the very least.

Green Lantern:

#1-September 2011: 9/10

#2-October 2011: 10/10

#3-November 2011: 10/10

(Again...didn't review #4-6 for some odd reason...)

#7-March 2012: 9/10

Wow. So far, GL has gotten an overall score of 38/40 which comes to be about a 9.5/10 average and I think that the scores for #s 4-6 would at the very least keep it around that same score.

Justice League International:

#1-September 2011: 10/10

#2-October 2011: 10/10

#3-November 2011: 10/10

(didn't review #4 & 5)

#6-February 2012: 10/10

#7-March 2012: 7/10

Alright, so far J.L.I. has gotten a collective 47/50 which ends up as a 9.4/10 average. If only they hadn't killed Rocket Red, this series would be riding at a perfect 10/10 average.

Teen Titans:

#1-September 2011: 8.5/10
#2-October 2011: 7/10
(didn't review 3-5, I guess)
#6-February 2012: 10/10
#7-March 2012 (which I am not gonna review but just bought a few days ago): 9.5/10

Well this series now has an overall of 35/40 so that rounds to about a 8.75/10. But as you can see, this series is slowly getting better and I think that this is easily in the top 3 of favorites series thusfar with or without the ratings agreeing with that statement.

Red Lanterns:
To be completely honest, this was my favorite series in the beginning but it has slowly but surely dropped in quality for me. And this month with that new artist coming on board...? I dunno if I'll be able to read this series for much longer. If only I had gotten Teen Titans or Aquaman instead of this when my mom paid for subscriptions. It's a had such good potential. I'll read it out through the rest of the year but after that...maybe not.

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