Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some More Previews of 2/1/2012's Comics

Earlier today, The Source posted previews of all of the titles coming out tomorrow from DC. Earlier today, I posted a preview of "Justice League International" #6. Now here I'll post previews of four other titles coming out tomorrow.

Sadly enough, I will probably have access to every title EXCEPT JLI and Red Lanterns (which I'll get via the mail on Monday or Tuesday next week). I'll probably buy Animal Man #6 (hey, I can give it a chance, right?) and Action Comics #6 (possibly for the last time until Rags Morales leaves the title...) tomorrow.

But anyway, here're the titles I have previews for: Action Comics, Animal Man, Green Arrow, and Red Lanterns. We'll just take it in alphabetical order!

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