Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quickies!--featuring Green Lantern & Justice League International

Action Comics #3-Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Gene Ha, & Rick Bryant
This issue kind of seemed a little rushed as for the middle stuff. I liked the beginning, and I liked the end. But the middle stuff was just confusing. And I can't wait for #4 when the Steel back-up story starts.

Batgirl #3-Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf, & Vicente Cifuentes
I liked this issue overall. It was a half-decent story, and I know its mean...but I'm kinda glad that her boyfriend broke up with her. That was kinda odd. But anyway, I liked it. It was good. And I liked Babs commentary on Dick's presence in the issue. And I liked how she kicked his ass up and down Gotham. That was fun.

Green Lantern #3-Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, & Keith Champagne
Geoff and Doug continue to make an amazing story about Sinestro's amazingness and Hal's not-so-amazingness. I liked the concept of being able to turn their GL outfits to black. And apparently in issue #5, another big reveal will happen. But the ending left me very curious as to what is going to happen to Hal. I feel like they shunted him to the Anti-Matter Universe. Just saying.
10/10--What is that? The 3rd "10/10" from this series? Damnnnnn. Geoff Johns has gotten two series with only "10/10" ratings from me! Hopefully Aquaman can catch up!

Justice League International #3-Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti, & Matt Ryan
I'm happily surprised by the team-ups in this story. Bats/BG was obvious, but all of the others I am seriously surprised by. RR/Ice? Vixen/Fire? AGIN/Godiva? Plus Guy going off on his own and being...Guy? This series is definitely one of my favorites. Oh and I'm loving the art. Both the interiors AND the David Finch covers. I'm so happy with those. Especially the recently solicited #6's cover.
Red Lanterns #3-Peter Milligan, Ed Benes, & Rob Hunter
I liked this issue. I liked learning more about Bleez, and I know my friend (who always borrows my comics) loved seeing Ed Benes draw and entire issue with her as a main character. But I'm really excited to see more about this series. I know some people say its been "faltering" and I know that I'm certainly scared of it being lost when the first wave of cancellations goes around, but I think this series is very strong and is keeping up well with the other Green Lantern-based series. Can't wait to see more about this Earthling from Britain, too.

And just like that--we're done. I am working on getting Justice League and Batman #3 soon and those will each be long reviews, kind of like how X-Man and JT do their reviews. Can't wait for more.

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