Saturday, October 29, 2011

Green Lantern #1

Green Lantern #1- Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, & Christian Alamy

The issue opens with Sinestro warily saying the GL oath forced by the Guardians. He is chained in the Guardians' Citadel and they are insisting it is a chance at redemption, while Ganthet and Sinestro both disagree. Sinestro because he thinks he doesn't need it, Ganthet because Sinestro is just fucking crazy.
They set him free and tell him to go protect his sector. They let him just fly out and then Ganthet steps in and yells at the Guardians. The Guardians then reply that Ganthet is out of control and they basically lobotomize him, making him like the Guardian he used to be before he was all cool.
Then it cuts to Hal talking to his apartment's landlord about how he has been "out of town" for the past few months. Then he happens to look across the street from his apartment and see a woman seemingly being attacked by some thug. Hal tells his landlord to call the cops and he jumps across the street and smashes into the building, which turns out to be a movie set. He smashed into a movie set. Good job, Jordan. Carol then comes to his rescue and gets him out of jail on bail. Carol says that she doesn't plan on putting the Star Sapphire ring back on anytime soon and Hal asks her to dinner. We then see Sinestro looking into binoculars (really badass, construct binoculars) at Korugar which is now being terrorized by the his own Corps. Then one of the members of the Sinestro Corps sneak up and attack him. Before the SC member could tell Arkillo about the fact that Sinestro is "a traitor," Sinestro kills him, then destroys the guy's ring. He then flies off.
Then we see Hal and Carol at a fancy restaurant. Hal then seems like he was going to propose, then instead he asks her to co-sign the lease on his car. EPIC. FAIL. Carol splashes her wine in his face, then storms off. Hal follows her and she tells him he's been out of contact with normal Earth life for too long. He walks home through the rain and has an eviction notice on his door.
Then Sinestro shows up and tells him that if he wants his ring back, he'll do everything he says.

I think this issue was great! It had a lot of humor, a good tie-in to the story going on in "New Guardians" and a good amount of action. I didn't really think that Hal and Carol were in a relationship, but thats okay. I didn't think that I would like this series, but both JT and X-Man both did, so I was like "ehhhh, what the hell? Lemme try it." and I LOVED it.

This issue gets a 9/10.

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