Thursday, July 14, 2011

Levitz & Batista To Continue "Month of the Mini's" Glory with Legion of Super-Heroes: Secret Origin

That's right. Superman did it. Hal Jordan did it. Now the Legion will be doing it this October when Legion of Super-Heroes: Secret Origin kicks off. The 6-issue mini-series, which continues the DCnU "Month of the Mini's," will tell the DCnU Legion of Super-Heroes origin story.

As you can see the turtle-neck-thing that Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and several other superheroes carries on to the 31st Century, as Cosmic Boy has a turtle-neck-thing on the cover of LSH: SO #1.

This, being officially announced on Newsarama earlier today, shows signs that the rest of DC's teenage superhero category "Young Justice" will be announced this afternoon.

I hope we might yet get my "Power Girl & Booster Gold" mini that I'm hoping for when the "Justice League" category is announced. I assume that tomorrow will be that category along with Superman. Or possibly both Superman & Young Justice today, with Justice League following tomorrow.

Maybe we will see a new mini about Krypton. And when I say Krypton, I mean the original Krypton. Not the New Krypton stuff.

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